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INDOOR: Pedal Technique Workshop

Struggling to get the perfect shape? 

Then our 60 minute workshop focusing specifically on pedal technique on Monday 19th March at 8pm at the lab can help you.

Your pedalling technique is a fundamental component of cycling and can have a major impact on your power output and speed, as well as an affect on your endurance, bike handling ability and your susceptibility to injury.

There are a number of factors which can affect your pedal technique from injuries (past and present), to your bike fit, or your range of motion, all the way down to your cleats. But how do you analyse and improve it? Join Njinga Cycling for an informative 60 min session using state of the art Wattbikes to monitor your pedalling technique in real time and track your progress, as we recommend key changes to improve and optimise your technique.

The workshop will focus exclusively on technique, allowing you to create a more efficient and powerful pedal stroke and with a minimum of 10 Watts to be gained with the correct pedalling technique, it’s a fundamental skill that should definitely be mastered.

Book your space on Monday 19th March @ 20h00 here. Book today for just £20 to ensure you don't miss out!