INDOOR: Power Climber Group Training Programme

Conquer the stunning mountain roads of the Pyrenees or a challenging season sportive with this 7 week training programme.

The Power Climber training programme will take place from Monday 31st July - Wednesday 13th September 2017 and will help to track your progress with pre and post testing, provide you with recovery smoothies after every session to help you recover smartly, will include yoga credits for our yoga for cyclists classes, assess your pedal technique to help find gains in performance and help prevent injuries and so much more.

Designed by a British Cycling Coach to produce results, this training programme will allow you to train with like minded cyclists in a motivational environment.

"I Completely loved this programme (Mountain Goat Group Training Programme 2016) and I feel I’m converted to group training and the community at Njinga. I’m so much more engaged in this kind of fitness training programme than previous “spinning” classes" Ali Gilbert

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