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INDOOR PROGRAMME: Want to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships?

Our brand new 8-week Njinga Indoor Group Training programme has been specifically designed to train riders to be at their peak performance level for the Tour of Cambridgeshire on June 3rd 2018. The Njinga training philosophy of TrainSmart + FuelSmart + ThinkSmart = RideSmart has successfully prepared previous riders to not only perform well at the Tour of Cambridgeshire but go on to represent their country at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, fulfilling their full cycling potential as a result of our training programme.


Dates: Monday 9th April - Wednesday 30th May 2018

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays @ 20h00 - 21h15

Nutrition Workshop: Monday 9th April @ 20h00

FTP Testing: Wednesday 11th April and Wednesday 30th May 2018

This programme will ensure you TrainSmart to boost your FTP Scores and be ready to compete in the Peloton at the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2018!

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What's Included:

  • Monday and Wednesday weekly bespoke Indoor Cycling class on the wattbike. (20h00-21h15)
  • Post session Protein Recovery Smoothies after every Monday and Wednesday class to aid recovery.
  • 2 x class credits to attend Yoga for Cyclists or Strength & Conditioning for cyclists classes. 
  • 1 x Njinga Performance Nutrition Workshop on Monday 9th April 2018 informing you of the best ways to fuel your body smartly before, during and after training on the bike. 
  •  2 x Water Bottles
  • Data Analysis
  • Pre-and post-programme Functional Threshold Power Testing to calculate your cycling fitness levels at the beginning of the programme and to track your progressive improvment over 8 weeks of training with Njinga. 

Top 10 benefits

Our programmes are designed by our Head Performance Coach to prepare you for the high fitness demands of the Tour of Cambridgeshire and qualify in your respective age category for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Italy on Sunday 2nd September 2018. We guarantee you will:

  1. Increase your average speed and average power
  2. Improve your power to weight ratio based on the Functional Threshold Power Test at beginning and end of programme
  3. Create a more equal power distribution in both your left and right leg when riding*
  4. Increase your leg strength to compete more efficiently in the peloton
  5. Enhance your mental strength allowing you to drive through the pain barrier when taking on the steepest of climbs
  6. Better develop your muscle adaptation to drive a more efficient pedal technique
  7. Boost your energy levels as a direct result of better informed nutritional choices to ensure you are fuelling your bodies smartly
  8. Learn from likeminded cyclists as you push one another to challenge your limits in a motivational environment to achieve your cycling potential
  9. Increase your flexibility by learning proper stretching of key cyclist muscles to aid performance and injury prevention.
  10. This programme is proven to have successfully helped riders qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo Championships through our Njinga Training Philosophy of “TrainSmart + FuelSmart + ThinkSmart = RideSmart”.

*Subject to no injury or leg restriction issues


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Hear what our riders have to say:

“Josh was great at keeping us motivated and disciplined as we pushed through the programme. Being surrounded by a friendly bunch of other cyclists with similar goals was also great for motivation. The final FTP test came around and I improved my threshold power and sweetspot by over 20 watts. I felt more comfortable holding consistent power and the focus on pedal technique had definitely gained me a few watts. The training speaks for itself, I felt strong all the way, stayed with a strong group and qualified for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships - beyond my own expectations! Doing a programme at Njinga is a super smart and time efficient way of training with a great bunch of people. I highly recommend.” Matt Connelley

“It was a great programme. I have found over the course of the 7 weeks my fitness has really improved, I know what I am doing with my cadence now and I also feel more confident pacing myself on the bike.  I increased by FTP score by 13 Watts so really pleased with myself. Josh was a great instructor and it was really fun to do each week with a great bunch of people.” Larisa Strickland

How do I book my place?

Spaces on this programme are limited to just 14 riders so places are extremely limited. To book your space today click here or contact us for a payment plan.