INDOOR: Vuelta a Njinga

The final Grand Tour of the season is almost upon us and here in the Njinga Lab we are gearing up for our very own Vuelta a Njinga.

From the 19th August until the 10th September the Njinga lab will be hosting a spectacular 3 week long indoor grand tour to find out who our own Njinga race winners are. There will be great prizes up for grabs, special Misterio classes and 3 jersey competitions; general classification (red jersey), sprinting (green jersey) and climbing (polka dot jersey) with point systems in place to give everyone a chance of winning the coveted jerseys.

To make the most of our Vuelta a Njinga we are offering a special 3 week unlimited class special* (*Only valid during the 3 weeks of the Grand Tour). Buy yours here and read on to find out what is happening in the lab over the next 3 weeks

Throughout the 3 week tour the 3 general classification competitions are expected to be hotly contested, with our coveted Vuelta a Njinga jerseys up for grabs. But how can you win valuable points towards these jerseys?

Red Jersey (General Classification):

For every class that you attend throughout the 3 week tour, your distances covered in each session will be recorded. At the end of the 3 weeks the girl AND the boy who has covered the most distance on the Wattbike will win our coveted Vuelta a Njinga red jersey. Tip - To be in with a chance of winning this jersey attend as many classes as you can throughout the 3 weeks.

Green Jersey (Sprint Champion):

Win points in designated sprint classes on the schedule by achieving the highest average power in selected segments. 10 points will be awarded to the girl and boy with the highest average power, 7 points will be awarded to the girl and boy in 2nd place and 4 points for 3rd place. Everyone else will receive 1 point for attending the class. The person with the highest points total at the end of tour will earn themselves the Vuelta a Njinga green jersey.

Polka Dot Jersey (King/Queen of the Mountains):

Win points in our designated climbing classes on the schedule in pre-determined segments. Your power to weight in the designated segments will be recorded (your weight will be recorded at the start of your first polka dot jersey class and used throughout the 3 weeks). 10 points will be awarded to the girl and boy with the highest power to weight score, 7 points will be awarded to the girl and boy in 2nd place and 4 points for 3rd place. Everyone else who attended the class will receive 1 point. The person with the highest points tally at the end of the tour will be crowned the King/Queen of the mountains and earn themselves the coveted Vuelta a Njinga Polka Dot jersey.

Check out our schedule below and see what jersey points are up for grabs in which class over the 3 week tour:

Misterio Peloton Ride Classes:

Join our special Misterio classes during the 3 week tour for a challenge class like no other. Expect the unexpected in these action packed peloton based classes and watch out for the multiple challenge segments where points can be won or lost in all 3 of our jersey competitions.

These Misterio classes will take place throughout the tour on Mondays at 18h45, Tuesdays at 18h45 and Fridays at 12h30. Book your space online today here.

Unlimited Class Special:

To ensure you get the most out of these thrilling 3 weeks, we are offering a 3 WEEK UNLIMITED CLASS SPECIAL FOR ONLY £75* (*excl. yoga or £90 incl. yoga) to use ONLY during the 3 weeks of the Grand Tour.

Make sure you stand a chance of winning the coveted jerseys by attending as many classes as you can. Not only could you win some amazing prizes but your cycle training will thank you for it too.

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Plus for the first time ever look out for special classes on the schedule where points can be won for more than just your cycling prowess. More details to follow shortly!