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Njinga World Championships T&Cs 2019

Terms and Conditions:

1. Njinga World Championships will run between 25th February 2019 and 20th November 2019 inclusive.

2. All prizes are as stated and are not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.

3. The Njinga World Championships is only open to riders aged 18 or older.

4. In the event of a prize being unavailable, Njinga Cycling reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.

5. The winners agree to the use of their name and photograph and will co-operate with any other reasonable requests by Njinga Cycling relating to any post-winning publicity.

6. Any discrepancy in individual points needs to be raised within 48 hours of the scoreboards being updated (once a week) if the participant notices any issues, for the matter to be investigated further.

7. Riders will only receive the 20 points for a new Lab record a maximum of two times in each leaderboard category across the time period of the 2019 World Championships.

8. If you make the All Time Njinga leaderboard for the first time and set a new annual or lifetime record, you will only earn the maximum 12 or 20 points allocated for each case, not 20 + 12 or 20 + 12 + 5.

9. If your name is already on our All Time Njinga Leaderboards at the start of the World Championships on the 25th February you will need to improve on your score on the board to get the 5 points for making it onto the board. 

10. You can ONLY receive a maximum of 5 points for improving your score on each of the All Time Leaderboards each month. If more than 1 attempt is taken and you make the leaderboard more than once, only your first attempt will earn you World Championships points.

11. Each attempt for the 6 second Peak Power test must be completed at the end of a wattbike class.

12. All winners will be notified and prizes handed out on the 23rd November at the annual Njinga Award Ceremony.

13. We reserve the right to add to the Terms & Conditions if we get on more sponsors who require specific T&C's for their prize.

14. Njinga Cycling and any staff member from other companies who offer prizes are prohibited from taking part in the Njinga World Championships or any of the individual competitions.

15. Winners for each Grand Tour and monthly Challenge corner will be allocated their prizes at the end of each individual competition.

16. The Njinga leaderboard is considered the top 12 positions. You will not receive the 5 points for getting onto the 2019 leaderboard and overall leaderboard. You will just receive a maximum of 5 points.


T&C's last updated on 22nd February 2019

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