Andrew Wynd

How Njinga training programmes helped Andrew come back from injury to conquer the iconic Mont Ventoux twice in 24 hours!


FTP Improvement: 39 watt increase in 8 weeks - 11th highest improvement seen in the Njinga Lab

Power to Weight Improvement: 2.43w/kg in January 2018 up to 3.04w/kg in January 2019

Mont Ventoux Double: 2 ways up Mount Ventoux in one day

3rd highest male Col Climber Power to Weight score seen in the Njinga Lab - 3.63w/kg over 5.5km climb on wattbike


I had taken the Njinga FTP Builder programme in January 2018 and really enjoyed that programme. Having set myself a goal for the year to get fitter and to feel healthier and better in myself, I signed up to ride the epic Tour de France favourite Mt Ventoux to give myself a hard goal. However, I injured myself skiing in March and was left with only 7 weeks to get prepared.

I felt like I was on rails to get fit and my favourite thing about Njinga’s training programmes is the fact it all feels scientific and every minute counts, even for a procrastinator like me.

With only a short time to train I knew Njinga’s bespoke training programme would give me the best possible chance of being ready. I wanted to know I was training efficiently and wasn’t riding any junk miles (something I suspected I did the year before when I trained for the Etape).



I’d previously undertaken one of Njinga’s group programmes and seen some great results, so I was familiar with many of Njinga’s training principles. The bespoke programme uses the Njinga classes that are open to everyone, so you find yourself training with the rest of the Njinga regulars. If you have a favourite bike, the guys will reserve this for you and you also get a detailed stats out of each class (power, heart rate, effort levels, etc..).

Josh, my coach was great, and I got a clear training plan at the beginning of the course with an explanation of why I was doing each class and how they would help me build towards my goal of riding Mt Ventoux. There were some classes that built general strength and then others that specifically focused on climbing. It felt very scientifically designed and although the classes were tough every time, I watched as my numbers and fitness improved each week.


Having taken the FTP Builder programme in January this had built some baseline cycling know-how such as pedal technique and what the wattbikes were about and how to set them up. It had also given me my FTP score, so I could ride to training zones that would optimise my effort. This helped as I took on the bespoke programme, as I had the basics in the bag.

To help with how to ride smartly on the bike I also received some nutritional advice about when to eat before a session, how to stay hydrated, what to eat before, during and after riding, etc...To help with this, I was also given some recipes for healthy eating to help fuel training. It was more of an add on and the meals I did cook were all very tasty and it’s something I would like to explore post this course, as I know very little.



FTP Power Builder group programme benefits:

  • Set times each week for classes
  • Same group of people doing it with you, so you support each other
  • 75 min sessions
  • Immediate feedback on how the session is going and what feels like more of an eye on you

Bespoke Programmes:

  • Can train for individual events (that don’t have specific group Njinga programmes)
  • More control to move schedule around
  • Nice to be able to train with some other regulars. Makes you feel more part of the Njinga family




Overall the programme got me to my goal of climbing a serious French mountain. I knew Mount Ventoux was going to be a tough challenge. I had looked forward to getting out into the French countryside, seeing the epic scenery, riding with the Njinga crew and testing myself on the mountain – the plan was to ride up a couple of times!

I’m immensely proud to say that I managed to get up Mt Ventoux twice, only 7 weeks after starting the programme and 12 weeks after tearing my calf. It was an epic day. The weather was temperamental as expected but not quite as bad as it could have been. The overall feeling of my achievements was immense. The Njinga Community that I was out there with had such a buzz about their individual and the groups achievements, which made it more special. I’ve really enjoyed the training and the community of Njinga, it’s unique and has been the major factor in helping me achieve this year’s cycling goals.


Andrew's journey with Njinga has included:

  • Regular wattbike classes
  • Multiple Njinga Training programmes 
  • Regular Njinga Collective Rider
  • Njinga's Annual Challenge Tour No.2 - Mont Ventoux

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