Mark Cooper

Avid cyclist who has seen his performances improve with help from Njinga


Finished 21st out of 272 all-age male category in the Wiggle South Downs Mountain Biking Sportive - 63km's with 1200m climbing

L'Etape du Tour: Over 170km of Cycling and over 3500m of climbing

Completed Gran Fondo Fausto Coppi a 1 day race: 177km and 4125m of climbing

Rode across the Pyrenees from the east coast to the west coast: 740km with over 11,000m of climbing in just 5 days


When I was asked to tell my "Njinga story," I didn't really know where to begin. In all honesty, I was very reluctant to even go the first time...but my lovely wife, Sylvia, bought me some sessions so I went.

I'd been a pretty avid cyclist since the early 90's and had done literally hundreds of spinning classes both in the US and the UK...so I assumed Njinga classes would be the same old same old...But there was something definitely different about these classes!



First, there was Togo - who was and remains highly ranked on my list of the most driven and ambitious people I know. He genuinely believes he can turn casual cyclists into good cyclists and good cyclists into even better ones! His combination of professionalism & enthusiasm makes the classes interesting by using proper coaching & motivation techniques. I thought I had plenty of good experiences in the past with spinning instructors, but Togo is not a spinning instructor - he's a coach. And he's a motivator!

Second, there were the wattbikes and a big screen on the wall! Having worked in the cycling business for a while at this point, I knew what wattbikes were as well as the concept of training-to-power. But I never had any real interest in power measurement, myself. After all, I did race a little mountain bike and cyclocross...but only just for fun. I didn't consider myself a candidate for power as I thought that was just for very serious racers…


I am a sportive road rider and still only race for fun in the dirt...but I have been absolutely hooked on Njinga since probably the 3rd or 4th class a couple of years ago now. Training to power has improved my cycling and has motivated me to push myself further than I ever would have before. Watching my power numbers improve and working with my training zones has converted me into a true believer!

The wattbikes make effort & progress measurable - the numbers are there! I'm either stronger than last time or not. There's no more guess work; traditional spinning classes at the gym would seem like training "blind." There are evenings where the sun is still out, and the roads are dry - but I find myself in an Njinga class rather than out on the road bike because I honestly believe it's a better use of that hour or two!!



I've recently done famous European sportives like L'Etape du Tour, the Granfondo Fausto Coppi, a one day race over 177km with 4125m of climbing, and I've done an Njinga led ride across the entire length of the Pyrenees over 5 days. I have also continued with cyclocross and mountain bike racing, as well.

My results in these were all due to the work I've done with Njinga. I'm still just an avid cyclist - not a pro. But I've realised that through proper coaching and motivation, improvements in my cycling are both possible as well as worth the effort! It's just more fun the fitter you are!



So, thanks goes to Sylvia who talked me into giving it a try and to Togo, Leigh and the Njinga team for making it such a fun & rewarding part of my cycling life these days!

Who knew I would look so forward to suffering 2-3 times per week???!!!




Mark's journey with Njinga has included:

  • Regular wattbike classes
  • Njinga Collective rides
  • Njinga Challenge Ride across the Pyrenees
  • FTP Testing

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