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Njinga 12 Minute Time Trial

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Why Should you do the 12 Minute Time Trial Test?

Want to find out how much you can push your body before you 'hit the wall'? Identify how far you can really go with our 12 Minute Time Trial Test.

You will be able to test yourself with a single 12min interval, which will provide you with a great progress check throughout the year. The results will also show you how far you can go in 12 minutes, your average power and also your pacing strategy across the interval. Throughout the test your cadence will also be assessed and your gear changes so we can established when you are getting the most efficient use of your power output.

A time triallist or not, this is a great test for anyone to understand their pacing capabilities and how hard you really can push! This test will provide an excellent simulation if you plan on doing any triathlons, duathlons or time trial riding and also is a great way to prepare you for smashing your FTP score.



What's involved

This is a test of your pacing ability and the protocol will involve:

* Riding as far as you can in 12-minutes

* You are able to use any combination of gears and cadences to achieve the furthest distance you can

* The aim of the test is to simulate doing a triathlon, duathlon or time trial and a great way to prepare for your FTP Test.



What the results show

This results from the test will give you:

* Distance – How far, in Kilometres, you can cover in a 12-minute interval on the Wattbike

* Power - Your average power for the 12-minutes of riding

* Power to Weight – The power to weight score you can achieve for the 12-minutes of riding

All this data from the Njinga 12-Minute Time Trial Test is designed to gage your time trial ability and also help to pace your power during our 20 minute FTP Tests.

The Njinga 12 Minute Time Trial - Key Details

Time Trial tests produce slower changes, so you should put them into your training schedule for the start of the new year, the start of the outdoor riding season and then end of the summer.

This test costs £39 within a group timeslot and £59 for a private session. A full report will be sent out after the test itself.

The test will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You will go through a structured warm up before beginning the test.

You will need a towel, a waterbottle and a heart rate monitor if you have one. We also recommend no high intensity exercise the day before the test.


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I have just done the 12 Minute Time Trial test with a view to helping me understand how I can do my FTP next time around.

The test was slightly different to an FTP test as you are able to move the gears around a little bit, which helped me to see how I could push myself at different time points.

Overall the test has given me confidence in my ability and put me in good position for my next FTP Test. It has given me a good sense of where I can push and what power I am able to sustain. I now know I can make it through the 20 minutes! I was really pleased with my performance and found it a great way to practice where I want to be for my FTP Test and gave me a better sense of where I can hold my numbers.

My power was way higher than I had ever imagined and I feel really happy.


Ali Gilbert

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