The Collective

Join our NO DROP outdoor riding group. It's not a cycling club, it's your cycling family.

The Collective - Our Cycling Community

Are you looking for a cycling group that really wants to make a difference to your cycling? You’ve tried many ‘cycling clubs’ to no avail and are still in search of the ultimate cycling experience that is fun and social, (yet challenging at times) in order to get the best out of you. Our Njinga Collective rideouts are all about team spirit and improving your confidence and performance on the bike!

When you ride with the Collective, you ride with friends and fellow riders who share the same passion and love for cycling as you do! We have created an incredible community of riders, the camaraderie and spirit at The Njinga Collective is unique and like no other team or organisation. Fancy joining our cycling community?

Key Details

Rideouts take place on Saturdays with a 8am meet at Barge Walk (Opposite the Njinga Lab). The Collective season runs between Saturday 7th April and Saturday 27th October.

Speed Groups

We will have 4 different group speeds on each of the Ride Captain led rideouts.

Group 1: Kalulu – The Hare (average 16mph).

Group 2: Mkango – The Lion (average 15mph).

Group 3: Njati - The Buffalo (average 14mph).

Group 4: Mbidzi - The Zebra (Average 12-13mph).

Please note you must be able to ride a little faster on the flats.

Training v Challenge Rides

Challenge/Touring Rides

The 2 rideouts a month that will be led by our highly experienced Njinga Ride Captains are Challenge/Touring rides. The Challenge rides will be around 80km in length and will include a pre-set route into the Surrey Hills, with predetermined "challenge segments" allowing riders to set their own personal records if they choose. There will also be 2 touring rides throughout the year...Our annual ride down to Brighton and also a ride to Kent to the Kelly Holmes Cafe.

Training Rides

There will also be 2 training rideouts a month. There will be no Njinga Ride Captains on these rides but instead you will be able to ride with fellow Njinga Collective cyclists. Njinga kit is not compulsory on these and a repository of routes with GPX files will be available online. You will be able to ride the route seleted by us or another route with your fellow riders. As you start riding you will make friends and its these friends that you will ride with on training rides.


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“I have been a cyclist for years and love it. But...since starting at Njinga my enjoyment, my ability my fitness and the whole cycling world has got better and better. The place and team are genuinely friendly, incredibly well informed and expert trainers.”


Rich Porter

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I've thoroughly enjoyed riding with the Collective this year and I hope that Njinga continues to maintain the same inclusive and encouraging spirit that differentiated it from other cycling clubs. It's been a real pleasure being part of it, spending every Saturday morning on the bike with a friendly, supportive & fun bunch of people.


Niamh McDonnell

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1st year with the Collective. Loved the riding & the feel of the group - thank you!”


Jerry Collier


Membership Costs

What is Included?

  • 2 x Njinga ride Captain led rides a month
  • 2 x Training rides a month
  • Access to a repository of GPX routes for the training rides
  • Personalised bike and helmet stickers with your name on (for all of those who register before 3rd April only - After this date we can't guarantee the stickers will be personalised.)
  • Njinga Membership Card
  • 2 x Njinga Water Bottles
  • Access to purchase Njinga Collective cycling kit ( jersey is compulsory)
  • Free Njinga lab group class credit for new customers
  • £10 off your first pack of 10 classes at the Njinga lab

2018 Membership Fees

Our 2018 annual membership fee for the season are as follows:

Full Season (April through 31st Oct): £85pp

Half Season (16th July through 31st Oct): £65pp

Fancy a FREE taster before signing up?

Simply contact us to organise a trial ride so you can experience the Collective before joining.

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