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The Njinga Collective

An all encompassing cycling community. Real Riding. No attitude. Inclusive. Above all fun!


Are you looking for a cycling group that really wants to make a difference to your cycling? 

The Collective stands for having the best of both worlds: fun, relaxed riding that puts a smile on your face; and high class support for your fitness and performance goals. We believe in both equally. No one dropped. No one held back.

To ride with the Collective is to share the road with friends. Wherever you are as a cyclist, you will have your confidence nurtured and your skills polished - with no judgement. Ever.



  1. All levels of riders are welcome - We never turn anyone away because you're not quick enough. You can even join us in trainers and we will help you progress and get into cleats. Unlike other clubs which may say they accept all riders; we really do and you won’t get dropped
  2. Ride Captains - Our rides are guided and supported by our fully trained Ride Captains
  3. Mentoring programme - We have mentors within the Collective who will be on hand if you would like help and support improving your outdoor cycling skills and also provide tips to improve your fitness.
  4. Community - More than just a cycling club, we are a community where you will ride with like minded cyclists
  5. Safety focused - On top of our experienced Ride Captains we also include a bike & helmet safety check before each ride and carry basic first aid kits
  6. Small groups - We have a maximum of 8-10 people in each group to help us manage the group safely and be respectful to other road users
  7. Different ride types -  We offer 3 different types of rides each month across both Saturdays and Sundays. On our Challenge and Progressive ride outs, we have 4 different speed groups to accommodate all riders and are Ride Captain led. We also have social rides that aim to get our community to ride together
  8. Non-drop rides - Our Ride Captains will be at the front and back of the group to ensure no one gets dropped on our Challenge and Progressive rides.


2019 SEASON: 6th April to 2nd November

Key details below:


We will have four different speed groups on the Challenge, Progressive and Touring rides.

  • Group 1: Kalulu – The Hare (average 16mph/26kph).
  • Group 2: Mkango – The Lion (average 15mph/24kph).
  • Group 3: Njati - The Buffalo (average 14mph/22.5kph).
  • Group 4: Mbidzi - The Zebra (Average 12-13mph/19-21kph).

Note that the speed will be a little faster on the flats.


Challenge Rides

There will be two Challenge rides a month that will be led by our highly experienced Njinga Ride Captains. The Challenge rides will be around 80km in length and the route will always include a predetermined challenge segment for you to test yourself, if you choose. These rides will be on Saturdays and will start at 8am from Barge Walk, Kingston Bridge. There will also be a return of our traditional Touring ride this season down to Brighton in July.

(Njinga apparel is to be worn on all our Challenge rides).

These rides are to be booked on our NEW Team App.

Progressive Rides

There will be 1 progressive ride a month, which will also be Ride Captain led. The ideas on these rides is for you to try out a higher speed group if you think you are on the fringe of moving up. The ride will be a repeat of a ride already done earlier in the season so you can compare your times. Ride Captains on duty and mentors will be able to help and support you throughout the ride and give you feedback on whether you are able to move up on the next Challenge Ride. These rides will be on Saturdays and will start at 8am from Barge Walk, Kingston Bridge. 

These rides will also double up as our intro sessions for all those that would like to try a session before signing up to the Collective.

(Njinga apparel is to be worn on our Progressive rides).

These rides are to be booked on our NEW Team App.


Social Rides

There will be 1 social rideout each month. There will be no designated ride captains; instead it will give you a chance to self select your own groups and speeds you would like to ride at. A repository of routes with GPX files will be available online. You can choose to follow the course suggested for the week by our Chief Route Officer or go off another way with your fellow riders. These rides will be on Sundays and will start at 8:30am from GiRO in Esher.

(Njinga kit is optional on Social rides.)

These rides are to be booked on our NEW Team App.


All of our rides for the season can be found on our brand new Njinga Collective Team App and this is also where you will be able to sign up for each ride. Find out how to download the app and book your Collective rides here.

Rides can be booked 14 days in advance and bookings must be made 12 hours before the ride if you plan to attend. Spaces are limited within each speed group per ride to ensure we don't have more than 10 riders per group. We ask that you make sure you book in advance to ensure you get a space. If you turn up on the day without signing up we cannot guarantee you a ride.

Cancellations must be made 12 hours prior to each ride, if not we ask a small £10 donation to our preferred charity of Shooting Stars Chase Children’s Hospice is made.



Membership Costs

What is Included?

  • 2 x Challenge rides a month - Ride Captain led
  • 1 x Progressive ride a month - Ride Captain led
  • 1 x Social ride a month - NOT Ride Captain led
  • Access to a repository of GPX routes for the Progressive rides
  • 2 x Njinga Water Bottles if you are new to the Collective - (Existing riders can request 1 water bottle)
  • Access to purchase Njinga Collective cycling kit (jersey is compulsory)
  • Free Njinga lab group class credit for new customers
  • Preferential partner discounts for all Njinga Collective riders
  • Access to our Closed Group Facebook page - This is where you can ask questions, organise ride outs, see items for sale and more. This year we will also include tips from our mentors.

Membership Fees

Our membership package for 2019:

  • Full Season (April through November) - £39

Fancy a FREE taster before signing up?

Simply contact us to organise a FREE trial ride so you can experience the Collective before joining.

Please note you must have a road worthy road bike to take part in the Njinga Collective.



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"I wanted to say a BIG thank you to you all, for such a fantastic first year of riding out with the Collective. It really has been the highlight of my year, meeting so many welcoming and friendly people, and learning to ride with others. A whole new world from my previous solo cycling. Such a strong and experienced team of riders, everyone has been hugely supportive and encouraging, which has been incredible. I hugely appreciate all the work you all do along with ride captains and Debs etc organising routes each week and making the experience such a pleasure. I've enjoyed it all immensely and cannot wait to start again with you all next year."


Teasie Glass

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“I have been a cyclist for years and love it. But since starting at Njinga my enjoyment, ability, fitness and the whole cycling world has got better and better. The place and team are genuinely friendly, incredibly well informed and expert trainers.”


Rich Porter

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I've thoroughly enjoyed riding with the Collective this year and I hope that Njinga maintains the inclusive and encouraging spirit that differentiates it from other cycling clubs. It's been a real pleasure being part of it, spending every Saturday morning on the bike with a friendly, supportive and fun bunch of people.


Niamh McDonnell

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First year with the Collective. Loved the riding and the feel of the group - thank you!”


Jerry Collier


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