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The Collective

Our all embracing cycling community. Real riding without the attitude

The Njinga Collective: A family on wheels

Are you looking for a cycling crew that really wants each and every member to love the bike that bit more? A group that might go long and push hard, but will never leave you behind and won’t stand for hierarchies or snobbery?

The Collective stands for having the best of both worlds: fun, relaxed riding that puts a smile on your face; and high class support for your fitness and performance goals. We believe in both equally strongly. No one dropped. No one held back.

To ride with the Collective is to share the road with friends. Wherever you are as a cyclist, you will have your confidence nurtured and your skills polished - with no judgement or snobbery. Ever.

Key Details

Rideouts take place on Saturdays, meeting 08.00 at Barge Walk, opposite the Njinga Lab.

The 2018 Collective season runs from Saturday 7 April to Saturday 27 October.

Speed Groups

We have four different speed groups on the Challenge and Touring rides.

Group 1: Kalulu – The Hare (average 16mph/26kph).

Group 2: Mkango – The Lion (average 15mph/24kph).

Group 3: Njati - The Buffalo (average 14mph/22.5kph).

Group 4: Mbidzi - The Zebra (Average 12-13mph/19-21kph).

Note that the speed will be a little faster on the flats.

Training v Challenge Rides

Challenge and Touring Rides

The two rideouts a month that will be led by our highly experienced Njinga Ride Captains are either Challenge or Touring rides. The Challenge rides will be around 80km in length, including a standardised route into the Surrey Hills, with predetermined challenge segments for riders to test themselves if they choose. There will be two Njinga Collective Touring rides per season: our traditional ride to Brighton and a trip to Kent and the Kelly Holmes Cafe. (Njinga apparel is worn on Challenge and Touring rides.)

Training Rides

There will also be two training rideouts each month. There will be no designated ride captains; instead the Collective self selects groups and speeds as appropriate to the route chosen and riders participating. A repository of routes with GPX files is available online. You can choose to follow the course suggested for the week by Njinga or go off another way with your peers. (Njinga kit is optional on Collective Training rides.)


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“I have been a cyclist for years and love it. But since starting at Njinga my enjoyment, ability, fitness and the whole cycling world has got better and better. The place and team are genuinely friendly, incredibly well informed and expert trainers.”


Rich Porter

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I've thoroughly enjoyed riding with the Collective this year and I hope that Njinga maintains the inclusive and encouraging spirit that differentiates it from other cycling clubs. It's been a real pleasure being part of it, spending every Saturday morning on the bike with a friendly, supportive and fun bunch of people.


Niamh McDonnell

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First year with the Collective. Loved the riding and the feel of the group - thank you!”


Jerry Collier


Membership Costs

What is Included?

  • 2 x Njinga ride Captain led rides a month
  • 2 x Training rides a month
  • Access to a repository of GPX routes for the training rides
  • Personalised bike and helmet stickers with your name on (for all of those who register before 3rd April only - After this date we can't guarantee the stickers will be personalised.)
  • Njinga Membership Card
  • 2 x Njinga Water Bottles
  • Access to purchase Njinga Collective cycling kit ( jersey is compulsory)
  • Free Njinga lab group class credit for new customers
  • £10 off your first pack of 10 classes at the Njinga lab

Membership Fees

We offer 2 membership packages:

  • Full Season (April through 31st Oct)
  • Half Season (16th July through 31st Oct)

2019 membership fees will appear here soon.

Fancy a FREE taster before signing up?

Simply contact us to organise a trial ride so you can experience the Collective before joining.

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