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1-1 Outdoor Coaching

From learning to ride in cleats to fine tuning your descending, we can help you. Working across all levels of ability, our expert coaching will take your riding to a new level.

Are you tired of being dropped from the group on your social rides? Always last one up on a climb?

Our range of 1-1 coaching sessions cater to every level of cyclist and focus on developing all the fundamental cycling techniques you need to make you stronger, fitter, faster.

No matter what your current riding ability is or cycling experience, everyone will benefit from our outdoor coaching sessions. From learning to ride in cleats to perfecting your cornering, our experienced British Cycling Coaches will help improve your performance and boost your confidence instantly.


What does a personalised coaching session involve?

  • Have your current performance level assessed by an expert British Cycling accredited coach
  • Instruction, demonstration, drills, exercises: training tailored to your precise needs
  • Challenging but achievable intensity levels, designed to build you up rather than break you down
  • Detailed review of your riding specifying strengths, weaknesses and suggested areas to work on

What can personalised coaching do for me?

  • Improve and polish your bike handling skills
  • Boost your confidence on the road: increasing your enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Develop your technique and skill set to climb, descend and corner efficiently 
  • Achieve goals you have been struggling to hit
  • Increase your motivation levels
Outdoor Coaching Packages

Outdoor Coaching Session - £149

60 min outdoor personalised coaching session - Focus on your specific needs from hill climbing to gear selection.


60 min outdoor coaching session focused on riding with cycling shoes


60 min private consultation and custom training plans


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Seven weeks before my event I wasn’t close to riding with cleats or mastering the transition to a road bike. I woke up in an absolute panic one Sunday morning, googled cycling coaches in London and to my great good fortune, Njinga was the first to pop up. By that Thursday, I found myself in Richmond Park learning to ride with cleats. Then it was on to learning techniques to ride efficiently, shift gears, ascend and descend hills. Last week, I completed London to Paris, riding with a confidence and enjoyment I never dreamed I would have. Thank you Togo! You have an incredible gift for coaching, fabulous energy and a knowledge of and enthusiasm for cycling that is infectious.


Monie Lindsey

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Can I say how much I really enjoyed last night's cycling session- and more importantly, how much I have learnt in a few hours with you all? I can safely say that you have given me the inspiration to get into cycling and really try and develop the correct behaviour and discipline needed to cycle correctly and for me, injury free.


Chris Busuttil

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I  was immediately impressed by Togo's energy and enthusiasm for the sport of road cycling. My needs were to prepare for a one day endurance race in Mallorca in the spring, the famous 'Mallorca 312'. With little available time to train properly I decided to invest in Togo's on- to-one session and without doubt this made a huge difference. In just one hour Togo was able to watch and analyse my riding style and was able to share so much great advice and tips that on the day made the 312 not only achievable but completed within a decent time! Simple tweaks and sound advice from his years of experience gave me a massive boost in my riding, it almost felt as if I'd had a blood transfusion to instantly perform so much better! Chapeau Togo.


Nick Butterfield

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I had a fabulous time. Even though I was terrified, Togo assured me I would not fall off - and I didn’t! He performed a miracle because as he was making his way towards us in the parking lot, I said “if he thinks I am putting on cleats for the first time tonight and riding around in them, he is going to be very disappointed!” Needless to say he wasn’t having any of my nonsense, and on went the cleats and off I went! Togo is a wonderful trainer, please tell him how much we learnt and despite my fear, how much we enjoyed our time with him!


Kathy Connolly

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