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30 day Foundation Programme

Want to train as part of a team, to feel accountable and get results? We have created a programme that builds a daily routine, challenges your abilities and drives you to take action. We will make you a stronger and faster cyclist. 



Our 30 day foundation programme is designed with the sole purpose of making you a better cyclist.

We'll focus on all the key elements cyclists either neglect, avoid or incorporate incorrectly into their regular cycle training.


1. S&C sessions to target strengthening your core and other key cycling muscles

2. Nutrition guidelines and recipes to promote energy and drive power on the bike, including good recovery foods and SMART nutritional daily habits

3. Mind strengthening practises to improve your mindset and re-align the way you think and confront everyday challenges. You will get actionable steps to implement in order to drive better performance, both on and off the bike

4. Motivational online group cycling classes to build muscular endurance and stamina (once a week). Plus, optional weekend rideout routes. If you dont have an indoor bike or turbo trainer then we can suggest other cardio options. 

You will benefit from our quality, SMART training! We recognise many amateur cyclists are time pressed and need a well structured and fully supportive environment to keep them motivated to produce lasting results. 



The programme is based on our Njinga training principles of Train Smart, Fuel Smart and Think Smart but what brings it all together and drives results, is the supportive and motivating online community you become a part of. The 3 foundational SMART training elements we will be focusing on are:

(There will also be testing pre and post programme to ensure you have a clear benchmark to work towards improving)


5 days a week via recorded video access we will target on & off bike conditioning. Includes:

  • 30 minute core exercises & key strength and conditioning workouts, specifically designed to help improve a cyclist's power and stability 
  • 2 on the bike training sessions per week, (access to one live online group cycling class and 1 recommended structured rideout). Don't have an indoor cycling bike or turbo? No problem. We will suggest other options. Class credits will be added to your account to book online. schedule is here
  • 1 deep stretch session per week to increase flexibility and balance, Friday 5:30PM, (UK Time) live only.


Weekly nutrition strategies to implement, with 2-3 mini goals per week to incorporate into your daily routine. Includes:

  • Key challenges to complete to supercharge your nutritional knowledge and daily food and liquid intake
  • Regular healthy recipes designed around your busy schedule to enhance your energy and/or aid recovery
  • Weekly shopping list of key ingredients to buy


Twice weekly,  mini challenges or activities to help build your mental resilience and create a positive mindset. Includes:

  • Motivational videos and tasks to complete to help you build a successful and energising daily routine
  • Tips and methods to develop lasting focus, positive habits and mindfulness
  • Online challenges to improve your mental alertness and reaction times

Immerse yourself into a cycling community that is passionate about supporting, encouraging and building your cycling performance, without compromising your enjoyment. 




Strengthen your core, triceps and key cycling leg muscles to help drive a better pedal stroke, optimise your power and cycle further for longer.



Access to our online community hub is what keeps you inspired and motivated to push harder and longer. Get regular support and encouragement from your peers and coach to stay on track.


Develop core strength and stability allowing for optimal positioning on the bike, improved pedal technique and power. Also helps reduce your chances of injury on and off the bike.


Improve your mental attitude to overcoming challenges and help push through negative barriers that stop you from achieving what you are truly capable of.


DATES: As soon as you are ready  DURATION: 30 days WHO FOR: Suitable for all abilities

TIME: All content is available online so you can do it at your own convenience, although we recommend you commit to the same time every day to build routine.

COST: £39  (20% off for key workers, contact us for code)

PLUS: For every person you recommend that signs up- you get £5 off your joining fee.



Team Houlder Family

 "This programme has been brilliant. The series of challenges has kept me and my son engaged and motivated - all at a difficult and challenging time. Our core strength has improved immeasurably."

Jo Lloyd

" Really fab 30 days, every day a different bit of me hurt, I didn’t know so many places existed, but got me up and motivated every day, Definitely feel fitter. Thank you Togo and ace camera woman Leigh."

Paul Simmonds

"The Ninga lockdown programme has been great. I’ve done more core strengthening in past 30 days than in the past 30 years and really feel the benefit!"


1. Click on the link below, create an account and sign up.

2. Once we receive payment, you will be sent a link to access our online community and programme site.

3. You are now ready to start improving your cycling.

£39 - pay now                



Klaudia Papp

"My core is stronger than ever! Thank you Njinga for this 30 days programme, it really motivated me to keep going and I'm in better shape than 30 days ago"

Simone & Graham

" We have both thoroughly enjoyed the programme. It has really helped in structuring our day and in particular the daily exercise class sets us up and energises us for a days work. It has been great to have not only the Njinga recipes but also seeing the many ideas of other people on the challenge. We will definitely sign up for another challenge as both of our core strength has improved significantly and we don't want to lose that.Thanks again for all your efforts."

Mary Benner

"The 30 day programme has been great for me in so many ways! There's been fantastic camaraderie in the group which has reduced our social isolation in these corona times, I've become so much stronger and I've loved the nutrition challenges. As a by-product, I've become much more flexible in my cookery, less of a slave to recipes, and cooked so many new delicious dishes. Thank you Togo and Leigh!"

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