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Njinga's 40 day Pedal Technique Challenge

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Your Pedal Technique is a fundamental component of your cycling and can help improve not only your power output and endurance but also help to reduce the chances of injury on the bike.

There is no quick way to improve your pedal technique, however, the efforts you make to refine it, will bring huge benefits – first and foremost FREE power and then overtime the ability to ride in a lighter gear while still pushing out the same wattage.

Money Back Guarantee:

We are so convinced our 40 Day Challenge works that if you follow our recommendations and don't see any improvements we offer a 120% money back guarantee. Your money back and an extra 20% for your trouble.


Our 40 Day Pedal Technique challenge is the perfect way to help your body build muscle memory. Our Head Coach Togo explains the concept of the challenge:

I have worked with hundreds of cyclists over the years, and know what it takes to perfect your pedal technique. At Njinga Cycling we have been able to prove that practising the correct pedal technique at least once a week will get you to attain a pro like shape.

At Njinga we recommend a group indoor cycling class or self train session on our wattbikes once a week, more if possible, followed by our daily 15 minute Njinga stretch routine for cyclists. Combine this with 4 staggered 1:1 Pedal Technique Coaching sessions, equally spaced over 40 days and the Pro shape or  ‘Italian Stallion’ will be in reach."

Togo Keynes Head Performance Coach – Njinga Cycling

The requirements for taking on our 40 Day Pedal Technique Challenge are as follows:

1. Four 60min 1:1 Indoor Coaching sessions every 10 days with one of our British Cycling Coaches. Book your 4 sessions and save £50 for a limited time only here.

2. At least one Wattbike class or self train session per week at The Lab to practise what you have learnt.

*Avoid our Mountain Goat classes if you can only make one class a week. These are not the best sessions to practice your pedal technique.

3. Commit to stretching. You need to stretch your key cycling muscles regularly. Learn and follow the stretch sequences following any of our classes. 

*We recommend you attend at least one Yoga for Cyclist classes during the 40 day challenge.

To get better you need to practise the correct pedal technique regularly. And it’s this constant repetition of activating all your cycling muscles that begins to build muscle memory. Regular practise will get you closer to the Italian Stallion ‘Pro’ shape. The first 40 days are the most critical to develop your technique.

We are passionate about helping you improve your cycling. We know that the more confident and stronger you grow on the bike, the more you will enjoy your cycling.

If you’re ready to commit to our 40 Day Pedal Technique Challenge you need to:

1. Sign up for our package of 4 x 1:1 Indoor Cycling sessions on the Njinga website or the Njinga app. SAVE £50 when you sign up for a limited time.

2. Book in your first session online here and we will look forward to officially welcoming you to the challenge.

3. Sign up to a 5 or 10 Njinga class pack – these can be used for both Wattbike, Yoga for Cyclists or our Pilates Classes.

120% Money Back Guarantee:

We are so convinced our 40 Day Pedal Technique Challenge works that if you follow our recommendations and don't see any improvements we offer a 120% money back guarantee.  A full refund for 4 x 1:1 Wattbike Coaching sessions + 20% for your time.

There is a cyclist in everyone.

#TrainSmart + #FuelSmart + #ThinkSmart = #RideSmart

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