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Join our team of rock star instructors

Njinga Cycling provides a very different experience to that of a spin studio. Our primary passion is to improve the health and wellbeing of our cycling community through performance training in our wattbike Lab, located in Hampton Wick.

We are always interested in hearing from instructors who share the same passion to join us and train our riders using the Njinga Training Philosophy of TrainSmart + FuelSmart + Think Smart = RideSmart.

As one of Njinga’s Team of Rockstar Instructors you can change lives. Our riders will absorb your capacity to inspire and motivate. The Njinga team will help you do that by sharing their knowledge of each rider’s aspirations, which we capture when they join Njinga and on an ongoing basis through the year.

The key responsibilities you will undertake as an Instructor are as follows:

  • Deliver inspiring group classes with energy, flair and clarity
  • Encourage riders to build and progress their riding week on week.
  • Identify riders who need support and help with their cycling; look for opportunities to cross and upsell further Njinga services to improve their riding skills
  • Inform riders of Njinga’s key marketing messages i.e.. upcoming events, new classes, recovery smoothies etc. as outlined by the Head of Marketing and Training and Development Manager

You will need the following qualifications to work at Njinga Cycling:

  • Indoor Cycling Qualification – This is a 100% necessity to join our team. If, however you can demonstrate the key qualities that make a Njinga Rockstar instructor but lack this qualification, then we can recommend various authorities for you to attain your qualification.

The key qualities that make a Njinga Rockstar Instructor are as follows:

  • Remarkable ability to motivate riders to achieve their goals
  • An engaging storyteller
  • A larger than life character that stands out from the crowd
  • Safety conscious

Njinga offer a highly competitive salary and benefits.

To submit your application please email your CV and a covering letter to info@njingacycling.com

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