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Our Indoor Wattbike Private Lab Hire Ratecard

Whether you are looking to train with your local cycling or triathlon club, sports team or just a bunch of friends, our private indoor wattbike hire can offer you the perfect opportunity to host a fun, motivating and challenging session to inspire and encourage each other. We can create a bespoke challenge class, technique based workshops or follow your specific training plan.

See our pricing below.

* Each session includes individual rider bike set up and a bespoke wattbike session or pedal technique workshop designed to your needs by a Njinga Wattbike Performance Instructor and certified British Cycling Coach. Our Coach will also oversee the session.

Optional Extras: 

Contact us separately for a quote

  • Post session protein recovery smoothie – 100% natural organic protein (gluten & dairy free)
  • Post session stretching – How to Stretch Properly and What are the Key Stretch to Do to aid Performance and Power Output, etc.
  • Benchmark testing - FTP Testing, Full Power Profile, Specific Power Test for certain cycling discipline, etc
  • Train Smart workshop – How the Right Training Programme Can Yield Results to variety of other topics from Getting the Most out of your Winter Training, Training to Power, How Build Climbing Strength, etc
  • Fuel Smart workshop – How Nutrition Can Aid Cycling Performance
  • Group MOT Assessment

For Further info:

Contact Leigh at leigh@njingacycling.com or call 020 8251 9788 to discuss more details.

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