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MOT Assessment

The Njinga MOT Assessment is your opportunity to meet our highly experienced Coaches to review every aspect of your current level of cycling.

Through a combination of on and off the bike tests, as well as open discussions about your nutrition and training goals, we can help identify your current strengths and what areas of your training you need to focus on to ensure you follow the Njinga Training Philosophy of TrainSmart + FuelSmart + ThinkSmart = RideSmart to help you achieve your own personal goals.

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Who Should Complete an MOT Assessment?

The MOT Assessment is available to all levels of cyclists, with plenty to be gained by every rider, no matter what your training goals might be. The main rider profiles who would benefit the most from the assessment would be:

1. Riders who: 

  • Are struggling to improve their cycling
  • Have hit a plateau in their training and not sure why
  • Are looking to gain a competitive advantage

2. Beginner level of riders who are just taking up road cycling, triathlons or duathlons for the first time in their life and need help knowing what to focus on.

What will I get out of the assessment?

During the 1-hour assessment we will review the following elements of your training and physical ability, both on and off the bike:

Power Testing: Mini intervals will be calculated on the wattbike from which we can see what raw power you can currently achieve on the bike

Pedal Technique Testing: Our British Cycling Coaches will review your pedal technique to determine what areas of your current technique are strong as well as identifying areas where we can help you achieve FREE POWER on the bike through improving your pedal technique

Range of Motion: This is where we will take you off the bike to test your current level of flexibility to help identify key muscles you need to strengthen or improve flexibility which in return will improve your on the bike performance

Balance and Core: Your ability to stay balanced when riding and activate your core muscles is a fundamental element of any cyclist and is often an area that is overlooked in a rider's training schedule. We will test your balance and core through a series of exercises to help identify whether this is an area that needs to be addressed in your training schedule

Nutrition: What you eat before, during and after your training session can often be the main reason why your ride was a success or not. Talking to you about your dietary habits will help us to give you key FuelSmart tips to ensure you avoid exhaustion or low performance numbers as direct result of poor dietary decisions

Training Goals and Feedback: We conclude the session by speaking to you openly about your training goals. Understanding your goals will then help us set you on the correct training journey to accomplish your goals and take your cycling and well being to the next level.

Take the first steps now to improve your cycling performance by booking a MOT Assessment today.

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