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Why 3 is better than 2

Immerse yourself in the total Njinga experience with our "revamped" NEW CUSTOMER OFFER!

Now is the perfect opportunity to try out ALL our classes at Njinga for less. With 3 different training options to choose from including Wattbike Classes, Yoga for Cyclists and Strength & Conditioning sessions, we guarantee to have all your cycle training needs covered. (There is no restriction on how you use them, try only one class type or try one of each.)

With 3 Classes for £20 you get to try one of each of our class types for less than £7 per class.


Not sure Njinga is right for you? Read our Rider Stories to see how our training philosophy has improved the fitness and well being of all our riders, whether they were just getting into cycling or needed support training for an iconic international challenge.

Our range of wattbike classes are designed to improve your cycling, regardless of your current fitness and ability level. Choose from:

  • Our Pedal Power Improver class to help you drive more power without pushing up the gears,
  • Our Endurance classes to build your stamina and power consistency,
  • Or try one of our Mountain Goat classes to build your strength and conquer even the steepest of climbs.

Plus, complement your training with our Yoga and Strength & Conditioning classes for cyclists, enhancing your off the bike conditioning and stretching.



Njinga trains and coaches road cyclists of all levels from novice to advanced cyclists combining the science of training smart with fueling smart and thinking smart. Our Ride Smart training philosophy combined with the support of an inspiring, fun and enviable cycling community provides a unique environment for Njinga cyclists to experience significant and measurable improvements in their cycling performance, surpass their goals and set and achieve new goals previously unimaginable.

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