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Will You Be Our Next Njinga World Champion?

The Njinga World Championships is our exciting, year long competition which starts Wednesday 10th January and runs through the year until 21st November 2018. We will be rewarding every rider for their performances in the Njinga Lab and with plenty of points on offer, the competition is expected to be closely fought. Points can be won across all areas of the lab including Group Classes, Testing, Indoor Training Programmes and taking on your fellow riders during the Njinga Grand Tours.

All riders will be in with a chance of being crowned our 2018 Njinga World Champion male and female and winning a Trek Madone 6.5 carbon road bike complete with electronic shifting (Di2) and an original RRP of over £4,000 each from our lead sponsor Road Cycle Exchange. Plus our champions will receive the coveted Njinga World Champion jersey, free classes at the lab and more, see below for more details. There are also some great prizes for our age group winners so everyone has a chance to win!


The Njinga World Championships begin Wednesday 10th January 2018 and will end with the final class on Wednesday 21st November 2018. The winners of the championshops will be presented with their prizes on Saturday 24th November 2018 during our end of year award ceremony.


There will be 5 age categories for male and female riders to challenge. The breakdown is as follows:

29 and under

30-39 years

40-49 years

50-59 years

60-years and older

Your age on 21st November 2018 will determine which of the above age groups you fall into. There will be male and female winners from each age group, but the overall winner will be the male and female with the highest allocations of points on the 21st November 2018.


Points will be awarded across 5 categories. See below for the comprehensive breakdown of these categories and also how your points are allocated in each:

Attendance in the Njinga Lab

Indoor Group Training Programmes

For every watt you increase on your performance test during an Indoor Group Training Programme, you will be given a point for the Njinga World Championships. For example, if you improve your FTP score by 15 watts you earn 15 points for the Njinga World Championships.

Monthly Challenge Corner Competitions

Each month will have a different challenge in the Njinga Lab for riders to participate in. The top 5 males and females at the end of each month will be awarded the following points for the Njinga World Championships.

The monthly challenge corner competitions where championship points can be gained at the end of Wattbike classes and FTP tests are:

10th - 31st January: Power to weight scores from a FTP test

1st - 28th February: FTP score from a FTP test

1st - 31st March: 1km Individual Time Time 

1st April - 4th May: 1 Minute Mountain goat Challenge - Average power

5th - 27th May: Giro d'Njinga Grand Tour

28th May - 17th June: 1km Individual Time Trial

18th June - 6th July: 500m Individual Time Trial

7th - 29th July: Tour de Njinga Grand Tour

30th July - 23rd August: 100m Individual Time Trial

24th August - 16th September: Vuelta a Njinga Grand Tour

17th September - 20th October: FTP improver scores after completing an FTP Test

21st October - 21st November: 6 second Peak Power test


3 Week Grand Tours

The Giro d’Njinga, the Tour de Njinga and the Vuelta a Njinga are our three-week special events in the Njinga Lab during the 2018 season. Each Grand Tour will have a sprinting, climbing and distance competition with the top 3 males and females in each competition earning the following points for the Njinga World Championships:

Njinga Leaderboards

Our Njinga Leaderboards are where we record and celebrate the top performances we witness in the Njinga Lab since we opened in 2015. The table below outlines how Njinga World Championship points will be allocated for the following:

Each of the above categories allows riders of all levels and experience to earn points for peak power, power to weight, FTP improvement and FTP score and win not only their respective age group categories but also have every chance of being our male and female Njinga World Champions of 2018. 

Also, be sure to watch out for up to 100 bonus points which will be up for grabs at random times during the year! 


If you are crowned the overal male or female winner on Wednesday 21st November 2018, you will win the following:

* A Trek Madone 6.5 carbon bike with electronic shifting (di2) from Road Cycle Exchange. With original RRP of well over £4000. (or a bike of similar value;

* Njinga World Champion Cycling Jersey 2018

* 52 Njinga Wattbike classes to be used within 6 months (roughly two classes a week)

* Njinga World Championship water bottle 

* 60 minute massage from Great Expectations Fitness

* Plus more prizes to be announced by the end of January.

If you are crowned the male or female winner of your respective age category on Wednesday 21st November 2018, you will win the following:

* 1 Winners T-Shirt

* 30 minute massage from Great Expectations Fitness

* Njinga World Championship water bottle 

The World Championships begin in earnest on Wednesday 10th January 2018 and it is expected to be the closest fought competition we have witnessed in the Njinga Lab. Book into classes, register for our Indoor Training Programmes and take on your fellow riders during the Grand Tours to be in with a chance to be crowned our 2018 Njinga World Champions!


Terms and Conditions:

1. Njinga World Championships will run between 10th January 2018 and 21st November 2018 inclusive.

2. All prizes are as stated and are not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.

3.If you late cancel a class or fail to attend a booked class, you will lose 2 points.

4. Your age group is defined by your actual age on the 21 November 2018.

5.The Njinga Championships is only open to riders aged 18 or older.

6. In the event of a prize being unavailable, Njinga Cycling reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.

7. The winners agree to the use of their name and photograph and will co-operate with any other reasonable requests by Njinga Cycling relating to any post-winning publicity.7.

8. Any discrepancy in individual points needs to be raised within 48 hours of the scoreboards being updated (once a week) if the participant notices any issues, for the matter to be investigated further.

9. If you make the All Time Njinga leaderboard for the first time and set a new annual or lifetime record, you will only earn the maximum 30 or 50 points allocated for each case, not 30 +10 or 50+ 30 +10.

10. If your name is already on our All Time Njinga Leaderboards at the start of the World Championships on 10th January you will need to improve on your score on the board to get the 10 points for making in onto the board. 

11. You can ONLY receive a maximum of 10 points for improving your score on the All Time Leaderboard each week. If more than 1 attempt is taken and you make the leaderboard more than once, only your first attempt will be recorded.

12. Each attempt for the 6 second Peak Power test must be completed at the end of a Wattbike class.

13. 100 bonus points will be allocated at random during the year. Participants will receive ample notifications of when this will be.

14. During the weeks of 30th July - 12th August you will receive double points for any classes attended. 

15.  Road Cycle Exchange have the right to exchange the bikes for similar spec and value at the time of conclusion of the competition.

16. Every attempt will be made to match the bike size of the winner but this cannot be guaranteed.

17. All winners will be notified by email on the 23rd November with prizes handed out on the 24th November at the annual Njinga Award Ceremony.

18. We reserve the right to add to the Terms & Conditions if we get on more sponsors who require specific T&C's for their prize.

19. Njinga Cycling, Road Cycle Exchange and any staff member from other companies who offer prizes are prohibited from taking part in the Njinga World Championships or any of the individual competitions.

20. Winners for each Grand Tour and monthly Challenge corner will be allocated their prizes at the end of each individual competition.

T&C's last updated on 22nd January 2018

Challenge for the title now. Book into classes, register for our Indoor Training Programmes or sign up to an FTP

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