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Pedal Technique Workshop

It sounds simple to just turns the wheels and pedal when you are cycling. However there is much more to pedalling than first thought!

Did you know you could be losing power through an inefficient pedal technique? We can help fix that!

At Njinga, part of our training philosophy is to TrainSmart. Aside from the obvious of riding your bike, we encourage our riders to take a deeper look into their pedal technique. Your pedal technique is a fundamental component of your cycling, which can help take your cycling to new levels. Perfecting your pedal technique can have many advantages on your cycling. It can not only increase your power output and speed, improve your bike handling ability and susceptibility to injury, it can also lead to improvements in your endurance and much more.

With so many benefits join Njinga Cycling for a 60 minute informative workshop on Wednesday 25th September 2019 at 18h45.

Book here today.

There are a number of factors which can affect your pedal technique from injuries (past and present), to your bike fit, or your range of motion, all the way down to your cleats. But how do you analyse and improve it? That's where our state of the art wattbikes comes in. Wattbikes are great to monitor your pedalling technique in real time and can help track your progress across the session, as we recommend key changes to improve and optimise your technique.

Our British Cycling coaches will focus exclusively on your technique, allowing you to create a more efficient and powerful pedal stroke, and with a minimum of 10 Watts to be gained with the correct pedalling technique, it’s a fundamental skill that should definitely be mastered.

Book your space on Wednesday 25th September @ 18h45 here for just £20!

Please note we will need atleast 8 sign ups to ensure the workshop goes ahead.

What our riders have to say:

"Amazing session and worth every penny. The guys at Njinga Cycling really know what they are doing and made a very relaxed and comfortable session (while getting worked hard!). Learnt more in that hour and half than I have cycling for years. Lots to take away and work on." Andrew French

"Lots of useful information in the session. The key is to engage your hamstrings, calves and hip flexors enabling you to ride faster for longer with the same input. The session was easy to follow and well-paced. I put into action what I learnt with instant results. Absolutely amazing!" Tim Rudd

"Many thanks for a great workshop. A few tweaks with my set up and you got me humming so well on the bike. This was very helpful to get feedback." Pierre Guilpan

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