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Team Challenge Night 2019

Take on the ultimate team challenge here in The Njinga Lab on Thursday 28th February at 20h00. 

We will be hosting a Team Challenge Event where team tactics, camaraderie and team spirit will all play a vital part as each team goes for victory. Join the Njinga community for a fun packed hour in The Lab for 5 very different challenges on the wattbikes.

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On the night everyone entered will be fairly divided into teams of 3, each with a designated team manager. There will be 5 challenges on the night for each team to complete...3 individual challenges and 2 team challenges. Find out what each challenge involves below:

1. Peak Power Challenge

This challenge is simple...What peak power can you achieve in just 6 seconds?

Every team member will have 1 attempt at the 6 second peak power test, with each team member's peak power scores combinded and the total team score recorded. Points will then be added to the running totals for the evening based on the number of teams participating. For example if there are 10 teams, the team with the highest total peak power will earn 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, 3rd = 8th points etc. 

2. Average Power Challenge

What average power can you achieve in 3 minutes?

The 2nd challenge of the evening will involve one rider from each team riding for 3 minutes to achieve their highest average power for the segment. Each rider can use any gear and cadence that they like to achieve their highest average power. Points based on the average power results will then be allocated to the running totals for the evening based on the same points allocation outlined in challenge 1. 

3. Sprint Intervals Challenge

How much power can you put out across three x 20 second intervals?

The 3rd challenge of the evening will see another team member riding three x 20 second intervals with a 40 second rest in between each set. Each rider can use any gear and cadence that they like to achieve their highest average power in each 20 second interval. The 20 second interval with the lowest power number recorded from each team will count towards the teams score based on the same points allocation outlined in the above 2 challenges.

4. Power to Weight Challenge

Who will be your team's Mountain Goat?

The final individual challenge will see the last team member take on a power to weight challenge over a 5 minute Mountain Goat segment. This team member will complete 4 minutes on the Mountain Goat gears before a final 1 minute sprint to the finish line. The average power for the challenge will be recorded and power to weight scores then calculated to determine the challenge winner. Points will be allocated based on these power to weight scores as outlined in the above challenges. 

5. Team Time Trial

The evening will finish with the ultimate team challenge...The Team Time Trial.

The rules are simple: 1 bike per team of 3, with each team member riding at least once in the 20 minutes. The team that cycles the furthest in that 20 minutes will be the winners. The distances completed in the 20 minutes will be recorded and points allocated as outlined in the challenges above. 

With a handicap system in place for the team time trial...every team stands a chance of winning the final challenge of the evening. Swift changeovers, team tactics and plenty of cheering is expected as the atmosphere intensifies in The Lab. 

Please note no rider is permitted to do more than 1 of the individual challenges.


The winning team on the night will receive a bottle of prosecco each.

How to Enter

Sign up online now if you would like to take part in this unmissable team challenge event. The entry free will be £10 per person. This will include drinks on the night after the challenges are complete. 

It promises to be an evening not to forget!

Check out the highlights from our last Team Challenge Night below.

2018 Team Challenge Night Highlights


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