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Why do an Njinga Cycling Challenge or Training Camp?

Our trips are becoming legendary, not only for the team spirit we foster, family feel and great cycling involved but also Leigh’s delicious food, the Njinga villa style approach and our experienced coaching and support. 

Read on to find out the top 3 reasons why you should do an Njinga trip:

1. DELICIOUS FOOD: As holistic nutrition coaches, all our food is cooked from scratch and from local produce where possible and with years of practise, we know just how to satisfy our hungry riders. Performance on the bike is integral to our #fuelsmart strategies to ensure energy levels are maintained while post ride recovery is maximised.  Down to the last detail with pre and post ride smoothies, all ride snacks and buffet style meals, we ensure your body is fuelled with the right natural foods both on and off the bike. The majority of our healthy nutritious meals are also gluten, dairy and soya free!

2. FAMILY FEEL ACCOMMODATION: We don’t stay in hotels where you are just a number, we look for quirky, yet super comfortable villa style accommodation for our training camps and tours, (where we are not moving from point to point). We try our best to ensure everyone has access to an en suite bathroom if possible, there is plenty space for bike storage and a great place to gather around for evening drinks and dinner. We have been told it’s the community feel, camaraderie and group support, no matter what level of rider, that keeps everyone coming back.
3. EXPERT COACHING AND SUPPORT: Everyone comes on a Njinga trip with their own strengths and weaknesses. We aim to get the most out of each and every one of our riders by working through their own unique challenges. Whether it’s getting someone to do a 14km climb for the first time, or taking 20 minutes off their PB up Sa Colobra, we are there every step of the way to provide the right amount of coaching and support to push you that little bit further than even you thought you could go. We want you to come away from each trip with that feeling that brings a smile to your face for days after, knowing that you have achieved something incredible.

Interested in joining one of our tours or trips? Check out what Tours and Training camps we have planned here. 


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