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How to win your Njinga World Championship points 2019

The Njinga World Championships will begin on Monday 25th February 2019 and conclude on Wednesday 20th November 2019. Throughout this time period, there will be a multitude of opportunities for you to win your World Championships points through outstanding performances in the Njinga Lab, attending special Lab events and also hidden bonus points up for grabs over the year.


There will be 5 key areas where you will earn your World Championships points. See below for the comprehensive breakdown of how you can win your points:

1. Challenge Corner Series

Throughout the year, there will be unique Challenge Corner Competitions where the top 5 Male and Female riders can earn World Championships Points. Challenge Corner competitions will include challenges such as 6-Second Peak Power Tests, 1 Km Time Trials, FTP Scores and more.

There will be a total of 8 Challenge Corner Series Competitions secretly hidden throughout the year with the following points awarded to the top 5 male and female riders at the end of each competition:

2. The 3 Week Njinga Grand Tours

To celebrate the achievements of the Pro Peloton Riders, The Njinga Lab will be transformed into our very own Grand Tour location as we ride across Italy, France and Spain in 2019. Each Njinga Grand Tour will be 3 weeks in length on the following dates:

  • The Giro d’Njinga 2019: Saturday 11th May – Sunday 2nd June 2019
  • The Tour de Njinga 2019: Saturday 6th July – Sunday 28th July 2019
  • The Vuelta a Njinga 2019: Saturday 24th August – Sunday 15th September 2019

Over each 3-week period, there will be 3 separate competitions where you will be rewarded for the amount of Km’s you can ride and how many climbing and sprinting points you can accumulate.

Only 1 class per day over the 3-weeks will count towards your running total of Km’s and climbing/sprinting points. The following World Championships points will be allocated to each of the 3 classification categories as follows:

The full schedule and rules of each 3-Week Grand Tour will be revealed 2-weeks prior to the start date of each Grand Tour.

3. The Njinga World Tour Series

Located throughout the World Championships competition, there will be 2 x Njinga World Tour Series competitions. The objective of these competitions is to accumulate as many kilometres in the Njinga Lab as you can.

During these 3 week periods, only 2 classes per day will count towards your running total of Km’s. Attendance to these 2 classes per day will also earn you World Championships Points.

At the end of each Njinga World Tour Series, World Championships points will be awarded as follows:

The 2 individual Njinga World Tour Series competitions will only be revealed 2 weeks prior to their start dates with the schedule and rules of the 3 week competition

4. The Njinga Leaderboards for 2019 and All Time

In the Njinga Lab, we are always blown away by the individual performances and accomplishments of each and every rider that rides in the Lab. The Njinga Leaderboards is where you can find the role of honour for riders who have performed exceptionally well across the following 4 cycling disciplines:

  • 6-Second Peak Power Test
  • FTP Power to Weight Score
  • FTP Improver
  • FTP Score

On the date the World Championships 2019 ends (20th November 2019), the top 7 riders for each of the leaderboard categories on the 2019 leaderboard will earn points as follows:

Also throughout the year those that break a Lab record or make it onto the leaderboards will earn themselves the following points:Please note riders will only be awarded All-Time Leaderboard points a maximum of 2 times for a new Lab record in each leaderboard category across the time period of the 2019 World Championships.

5. Special Events

Located across the World Championships period, there will be special events within the Njinga Lab where your attendance and performances will earn you World Championships points.

There will be a minimum of 1 special event located each calendar month within the time period of the 2019 Njinga World Championships. Special events include but are not restricted to the following:

  • FTP Pacing Workshops
  • Team Challenge Nights
  • Njinga Bake Off
  • FTP Tests

Each Special Event will be revealed 2-4 weeks before its date of activity.

The points allocation is as follows:

Each of the above categories allows riders of all levels and experience the opportunity to earn points and be in with every chance of being crowned our male and female Njinga World Champions of 2019.

The big question still remains for 2019...Can you de-throne our current Njinga World Champions?

Challenge for the title now. Book into classes today.

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