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Coronavirus update

To Our Njinga Community,
There is no denying we have entered unprecedented times. We’ve been through tough times before but nothing on a scale like this. In light of the escalating events surrounding Coronavirus, we have spent considerable time weighing up what is the right path for Njinga and our greater community. The health and safety of our employees and customers remains our first priority and we wanted to share our thoughts during these challenging times.
We’ve always tried to take a step back, pause and take a deep breath during turbulent periods. To have fear and feel anxious is normal in a world that is changing daily and with such uncertainty. We are faced with unparalleled challenges ahead and it's how we deal with these challenges that defines us as a business, community and individual.
We have carefully listened to all the facts and implemented many different solutions, but still we can’t 100% guarantee the safety of our employees and customers and as much as we want to continue to provide a place to exercise and meet up with others, (both crucial for mental and physical wellbeing) we have to work together to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. As a small business that is responsible for the livelihood of staff and the health and wellbeing of many, we have therefore decided to close the Njinga Lab for the short term. This is a decision we have not taken lightly and one we know will impact many of you. While the majority of us are unlikely to be affected badly by the virus, we do have a responsibility to those in our community.
So from a business perspective what does this mean for you:

  • Class Bookings Already Made: We will remove you from any class(es) you have already booked into and your credit(s) will be reinstated.
  • Extension of Class and Private Coaching Credits: We will be extending all remaining credits for as long as we are closed.
  • Contract Members: All contracts will be suspended from Tuesday 17th March.
  • Group Indoor Programmes: These will be delayed until we are able to open up again.

What is continuing:

  • Training Plans: We will be able to put together specific 8-12 week plans to help you maintain and improve your cycling fitness. If interested, please contact us.
  • Training Plan & Monthly Remote Coaching Packages: Same as above with regular weekly or fortnightly contact with one of our experienced Njinga Coaches. If interested, please contact us.
  • Online Programmes: We will be switching focus to help support you from home and have already been working hard to put together some incredible online programmes. If interested and want more info please contact us.

It's crucial to ensure you maintain your health and wellbeing, especially now. This is one thing that you are in complete control of and will in fact keep you in the lower risk category for contracting the virus.

Focusing and honing in on your daily choices and habits around nutrition, exercise, sleep, recovery and mindset will not only drive you towards better health, it turns out that being healthy and fit is the best way to boost your immune system and counter stress. Focusing on the above will help eliminate the anxiety of what is happening in the world right now. If you would like more support and advice with your nutrition, please contact us.
If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions of supporting each other in our community, please do get in touch.

Finally, what has got us this far and what will continue to keep us going is our awesome community. We may not be able to interact face to face but that does not mean you can’t pick up the phone, drop us an email or connect on social media. We are in this together, stay connected and supporting each other.

We are a family and when things get tough, we pull together! We will get through this.
Togo, Leigh and the Njinga Team

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