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Group Wattbike Classes, Progressive Group Training Programmes, Yoga for Cyclists, Individual Wattbike Coaching and FTP Testing.

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Indoor Class Prices


  • For 2 Wattbike/Yoga/S&C classes
  • Expires 30 days



  • 2 Wattbike/Yoga/S&C Sessions for £14  
  • FTP Test (within scheduled time slots) 
  • 45 min Individual Wattbike coaching 

Single Class Credit

  • One Wattbike/Yoga/S&C credit
  • Expires in 1 month from purchase

5 Credit Pack

  • 5 Wattbike/Yoga/S&C credits
  • £15 a class
  • Expires in 2 months from purchase

10 Credit Pack

  • 10 Wattbike/Yoga/S&C credits
  • £14 a class
  • Expires in 3 months from purchase

Student Single Class Credit

  • One Wattbike/Yoga/S&C credit
  • Expires in 1 month from purchase

Student Monthly Unlimited Wattbike Classes

  • Unlimited Wattbike classes
  • Njinga water bottle ( one time offer)
  • expires after 30 days
  • Extra £15 to include Strength and Conditioning and yoga classes

Monthly Unlimited Wattbike Classes

  • Unlimited Wattbike classes
  • Njinga water bottle ( one time offer)
  • Expires after 30 days from purchase

Monthly Unlimited Wattbike Classes incl Yoga & S&C

  • Unlimited Wattbike/yoga/S&C classes
  • Njinga water bottle (One time offer)
  • Expires after 30 days from purchase

Indoor Group Training Programmes

Train Smart Ride London Group Indoor Training Programme

  • 8 week Group Indoor Programme guaranteed to increase your FTP score
  • Specifically designed by a British Cycling Coach to prepare you to take on the iconic Ride London
  • Includes Wattbike sessions, pre and post FTP Testing, post session recovery smoothies, yoga/S&C credits and more.


Monday 4th June to Wednesday 25th July 2018


Power Profile Testing

Our Njinga Power Profile Tests provide you with a complete performance testing service that will take your cycling to the next level. Using 3 specially designed tests, we can identify your strengths as a cyclist and guide you on how to structure your training following the Njinga Training Philosophy of TrainSmart + FuelSmart + ThinkSmart = RideSmart.

Can't make a scheduled timeslot? We also offer 1:1 testing slots for just £10 extra. See available 1:1 slots HERE or contact us to arrange a different session time. 

The Njinga Sprint Finale Test

  • 45 min session (includes test and warm up)
  • Inspired by the UCI Talent Identification Protocol that will take you through a variety of sprinting tests
  • Perfect for anybody planning on racing either on the road or the track.



The Njinga Col Climber Test

  • 45 min session (includes test and warm up)
  • 5500m climb as you ride on varied gears to mimic varying intensities of a climb
  • Ideal test if you have plans to take part in longer hilly rides or mountainous sportives.



The Njinga Maximal RAMP Test

  • 45 min session (includes test and warm up)
  • Measure your maximum performance intensities and estimated VO2 Max
  • Excellent test for anybody interested in racing in road races or other fast paced cycling disciplines



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1:1 Coaching

Whether you are new to cycling or looking to beat your personal best, we offer a range of coaching packages, designed to review your current cycling level and help you understand how you can push your cycling to the next level. 

12 Week Training Plan and Consultation

  • 60 min private consultation
  • Lead by certified British Cycling Coaches
  • Receive customised 12 Week training plan
  • To arrange a session time, call 020 8251 9788



MOT Assessment

  • 60 min cycling review on and off the bike
  • Lead by certified British Cycling Coaches
  • Available to every level of cyclist
  • Identify current strengths and areas you need to focus on

Strength and Conditioning for Cyclists

Strength training tends to be over looked by aerobic training in cyclists. However, no matter your current fitness or cycling level, strength and conditioning is a great addition to anyone’s training. Click here to find out more.



Yoga for Cyclists

Join us for weekly yoga sessions designed specifically for cyclists. Friday and Sunday evenings for the perfect pre or post ride stretch session. Click here to find out why.



1-1 Wattbike Coaching

Our 45 min 1-1 sessions provide you with an understanding of your real time pedal technique, allowing us to maximise your efficiency & power and gain a smoother more efficient pedalling technique (no flat spots), to ensure that you are getting the best out of your own physiology. Click here to see how this can really impact your cycling.

1 Credit

  • 45 minute session
  • To arrange a session time, call 020 8251 9788

5 Credits- SAVE £25

  • 5 x 45 minute sessions
  • To arrange a session time, call 020 8251 9788

FTP Testing

A Functional Threshold Power Test is a 20 minute flat out exertion test, allowing us to accurately measure your fitness and assign a number to it. This not only enables us to track changes in your fitness over time but more importantly allows us to establish your training zones resulting in smarter training both indoors and on the road.  Click  here to find out why you should do an FTP test.

During Scheduled Times

  • 45 min session (includes 20 min test and warm up)




Outside of Scheduled Times

  • 45 min session (includes 20 min test and warm up)
  • To arrange a session time, call 020 8251 9788

4 X FTP Test (During Scheduled Times)

  • 4 x 45 min session (includes 20 min test and warm up)
  • Expires after 12 months


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Since starting at Njinga my body has transformed losing 20kgs, improving my FTP score by over 60 watts and achieving an all time peak power of 1949 watts. My enjoyment, my ability, my fitness and the whole cycling world has transformed through smarter training. For me it has made me leaner, faster, happier, more relaxed and less stressed. Sure the training can be tough but it is always fun, never harsh and the results are better than I could have ever imagined. From superb nutritional expertise, personalised training plans, to amazing collective spirit in group training sessions (a lot of us have become genuine friends) and on top of that a great team of coaches. Njinga can take you to whichever level of fitness you wish to achieve. I have gone from occasional mediocre sportive rider, to Njinga devotee. I am so grateful, I can push hard and recover at levels that used to be much harder...and then push again. An FTP of well over 300 seemed impossible when I started, I now want 345.


Rich Porter

Endurance rider
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Following a fantastic one-to-one session with Togo last summer which improved my confidence massively, I decided to give indoor training a go to try and increase my fitness. I've just completed my first training programme and cannot rate it highly enough! It was a tough 4 weeks, both physically and mentally, but my power output has improved significantly and thanks to Togo's encouragement, I hit a target I thought was way beyond me. The team at Njinga offer the whole package; fantastic indoor training, social rides, skills coaching, yoga and (most of all) great support, encouragement and camaraderie. For me, it was worth every penny and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Togo and Njinga to any level of cyclist.


Laura Sleightholme

Sportive Rider
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I cannot recommend Njinga enough if you want to improve all aspects of your cycling performance and experience. I have just finished the Ride London programme. During the programme the camaraderie and team spirit of the other riders motivated me through the toughest of sessions as did the encouragement and support of the coaches. Having never considered myself a hill climber I am now climbing faster than ever and climbs like Leith Hill are nowhere near as daunting as they used to be. The facts speak for themselves. By the end of the programme I produced the ride of a lifetime reducing last year's time of 5 hours 32 minutes to 5 hours 11 minutes. I now have the belief to reduce this time even further and take my cycling into new possibilities!


Lisa Price

Sportive Rider
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Amazing session and worth every penny. The guys at Njinga Cycling really know what they are doing and made a very relaxed and comfortable session (while getting worked hard!). Learnt more in that hour and half than I have cycling for years. Lots to take away and work on.


Andrew French

Mountain Biker

Why Wattbikes

Accurate Data

The Wattbikes are great at providing you with lots of meaningful data. They automatically record and store accurate data from every workout. The Wattbikes record your; heart rate, average power, peak power, cadence, pedal technique, power to weight and much more.

Polar View

The Wattbikes are a great tool to access your pedal technique. The polar view on the Wattbikes enables you to visually see where you apply force through every pedal stroke. It also allows you to analyse which muscles you activate in each pedal stroke and how much power is coming from each leg.

Overall, this means the Wattbike can help you to improve your pedal technique, your pedalling efficiency and also your power output.

Resistance Systems

The Wattbikes use a combination of air and magnetic resistance. Individually, the air system simulates changing gears, whist the magnetic resistance replicates resistance you would experience whilst climbing. This combination allows for a smooth increase in resistance and helps to replicate the sensation of riding on the road.

Simply, all the effort you put into indoors is easily translated out on the road.



"Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow."




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