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Indoor Cycling

So much more than spin. From one-to-one fitness testing to themed group wattbike classes; flexible individual training to structured block training programmes. All overseen by our team of expert coaches. Learn more below.

Why Train Indoors With Njinga?

Njinga’s range of sessions cater to every level of cyclist and develop all the elements of fitness. Whether you are targeting a specific event, honing your racing sharpness or looking for better health and wellbeing, training in The Njinga Lab guarantees results.

Our carefully structured classes emphasise various combinations of endurance, power and technique work to help you develop your physiological metrics and send your real world performances through the roof. We combine objective live wattbike data with expert coaching insights and a supportive, motivational atmosphere for a maximally effective package. 

What Classes do you recommend?

Why Wattbikes?


Wattbikes measure power output with unsurpassed accuracy while also recording your numbers for a excess of other useful metrics such as heart rate, cadence and pedalling efficiency. Their consistency and reliability means you can train with confidence and see tangible progress week by week. 


Why Wattbikes?


Thanks to the accuracy and high sample rate of the data, wattbikes are able to offer a unique objective view of your pedalling technique. Enabling real time analysis of form adjustments and long term tracking of efficiency and balance, it’s a must-have tool for cyclists looking to fulfil their potential.


Why Wattbikes?


Using an innovative combination of air and magnetism, adjustments in resistance are smooth and incremental, allowing for distraction-free, natural feeling riding. Respectively, the air system simulates changing gears, while the magnetic resistance realistically replicates the demands of climbing.

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Thank you for a tremendous class that really does give amazing results. You guys get all the little things right. Thank you!


Michael Schaefer

Sportive Rider
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One of the best indoor cycling classes in business. From the first class it was engaging, motivating and stimulating. As an enthusiastic cyclist it was pleasant to meet like minded people and to learn more about my cycling capacity with the use of their high tech wattbikes. Highly recommend!


Paolo Mariani

Endurance Cyclist
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Togo and the crew are amazing! I've done spinning classes for 20 plus years but after having started Njinga's training, I couldn't imagine ever sitting through another regular spin class again! I actually look forward to the next session - which is rarely more than 2-3 days away!


Mark Cooper

Road and Mountain Biker



Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow."




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