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Pedal Technique

Whether you are new to cycling or looking to beat your personal best, we offer a range of coaching packages to help improve your pedal technique.

What is involved & TOP BENEFITS

No matter what your current riding ability is, you will benefit from improvements to your pedal technique and riding style. Our range of Indoor Coaching packages allow you to focus on improving your pedal technique, without the influence of external factors such as weather and traffic.

Just beginning your cycling journey? Indoor coaching provides a safe environment to build and grow confidence particularly if you are new to cleats.

What Does a 1-1 Involve?

  • Review your current cycling performance in a 60 min session with one of our British Cycling Coaches
  • Understand what a good pedal technique looks like and why
  • Receive detailed analysis of your riding, identifying what’s good and what needs improvement
  • Perform drills to improve your overall technique and fitness

Top Benefits

  • Maximise your cycling efficiency
  • Gain FREE power through optimised pedal technique
  • Get a smoother and more efficient pedal revolution
  • Review video analysis to see real time pedal style
  • Receive follow up advice to continue to see improvements
  • Become a step closer to reaching your cycling goals
Pedal Technique Packages

Indoor 1:1 Pedal Technique Session - From £99

60 minute pedal technique coaching session

Indoor 1:1 Pedal Technique Session + Additional Rider - From £119

60 min indoor pedal technique coaching session for 2 riders

40 Day Pedal Technique Challenge - £396 (Book now & pay £346)

4 x 60min private coaching sessions with a British Cycling Coach.

Consultation and 12 Week Training Plan - From £125

60 min private consultation along with customised 12 week training plan


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What can I say - a great class and further insight to the (not to coin a phrase) marginal gains I've been looking for years.

I took the pedal technique tips onto the road on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised by the difference it made to my cadence consistency, climbing and the more importantly the final chase to the coffee stop. A few of the Guys I've been cycling with for years started questioning whether it was EPO or the Cancellara motorised-crank that made the difference. When I told where I've been for the past 6 weeks there was a quiet murmur then loads of questions. Hopefully, you may see an influx of new starters to the Team as they truly are a competitive bunch! Essentially, even after >20 years of cycling there's still improvements and techniques to take on and learn.


Brian Hood

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Amazing session and worth every penny. The guys at Njinga Cycling really know what they are doing and made a very relaxed and comfortable session (while getting worked hard!). Learnt more in that hour and half than I have cycling for years. Lots to take away and work on.


Andrew French

Mountain Biker
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Just a quick note to say many thanks for the Pedal 1-2-1 session. Made a big difference out on the road, clocked my first 30kph average speed solo ride, off the back of the learnings, cheers!


Will Mills

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