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Perfect to help you build strength, improve alignment, strengthen your core and help to stretch and release tight muscles.

Structured classes that are suitable for everyone.


Pilates is suitable for anyone and can complement everyone's training. Our Pilates classes can not only develop whole-body strength and flexibility, but they can also help to reduce the risk of injury.

Key Information

  • 60 min long class consisting of exercises on the mat
  • Focus on strengthening core muscles
  • Comfortable clothing should be worn
  • No experience necessary
  • Mat provided
  • Sticky/Grippy socks recommended but not essential


Prices for our Pilates classes are the same as wattbike and Yoga classes.


Key Benefits

  • Improved posture
  • Better muscle balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased core, pelvis and limb strength and stability
  • Reduced imbalances and improved alignment
  • Lower injury risk

Read more on the benefits of Pilates here.

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I recently took part in an introduction to Pilates class at the Njinga Lab, and to my surprise I absolutely loved the session. At first I was sceptical about the improvements Pilates could make to my cycling, but now having completed a couple of classes at Njinga I can definitely feel the difference in my cycling. The Pilates classes have primarily helped me to strengthen and engage my core muscles, which has helped me out on the road. Vicky is a great instructor and even though I went into the sessions with a lack of Pilates knowledge, her encouragement and guidance has helped me get so much out of each class.


Ian Brown

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I really enjoyed the Pilates class at Njinga. Vicky was a lovely instructor. She took us through the stretches/poses with great patience and guidance, and I definitely felt it in my core muscles the next day!! I will be a regular attendee to Vicky’s classes, as I am keen to improve my core strength and stability and am sure the Pilates classes will really help with this.


Catherine Twidle

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"As a first timer with no experience I really enjoyed the class in the lab and definitely felt the difference in the following days ... great session ... great teacher and looking forward to future sessions."


Michael Jackson

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