Improve your Cycling with Indoor wattbike group classes

Strength & Conditioning for Cyclists

No matter your current fitness or cycling level, Strength & Conditioning is a great addition to your training

What is involved & TOP BENEFITS

Strength training tends to be over looked by aerobic training in cyclists. However, it will provide many benefits to your performance and enhance your power, stability and overall cycling level.

What Does a Class Involve?

  • 60 min combination of wattbike and mat work
  • Focus on key cycling muscles to build strength and balance
  • Bring trainers, sweat towel and water bottle


Prices for our Strength & Conditioning are the same as wattbike and yoga classes.



Top Benefits

  • Help to prevent injuries
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase your power output

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Ben’s Strength & Conditioning sessions are awesome! It’s hard work but fun and works exactly what needs to be worked to improve your cycling fitness and strength. From the classes I’ve done so far, I can already see a difference in my cycling and my body! Even though I do other strength & conditioning work, this class is so specific that nothing else compares to it for my cycling needs. Would fully recommend coming along and enjoying the mixture of on and off the bike strength work.


Ali Housley

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I really enjoyed the structure of the class, with the wattbike intervals to keep things ticking over between each set of exercises. My aching body after the session provides testament to a great all-over, strength-building workout, and one that really complements work on the bike, whether indoor or outdoor. It's just what I was looking forward to help build my power output.


Mary Benner

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The session was very professional and focused on the activation of muscles that are needed for cycling. The use of the Watt bikes between sets keeps the focus on development as you recover while others work and you can learn from the other riders which is a great. For me the last part of the session was fantastic.  I am not that flexible having played contact sports but the instructor got me into some really good stretching which I will continue to use. If you are looking to build on your capability over the winter this session should be added to your programme.   


Nick Ansell

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I attended the new Strength & Conditioning class at Njinga and it was epic! A great combination of time on the bike combined with challenging body weight moves. The team spirit felt connecting & fun and the variety of the class was a welcome shake up to my fitness routine. Highly recommend it! 


Lee Pycroft

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