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Premier Club

Our exclusive club membership including a 120% money back guarantee (see T&C).



Our signature Premier Club is an all inclusive membership, devised to truly elevate your cycling and overall wellbeing. Unlimited classes, regular coach support and access to a community of fellow riders all here to support you.

We understand that training is not only for professionals, but for every cyclist regardless of their ability, who dreams of going faster and further. We also understand it's not about spending more time training, it's about training smarter through quality sessions that yield results.



Premier Club Success Stories

Michael Jackson

  • Joined with New Customer Offer in June 2017
  • Converted to Premier Club in July
  • 596 classes and counting
  • Lost 32 kgs ( 70 lbs)
  • Gained muscle and fitness 
  • Overal mental health improved



Premier Club Success Stories

Catherine Twidle

  • 1 year as a Premier Club member
  • Dropped a full dress size J
  • Super mom and novice cyclist to competent road cyclist in less than 12 months
  • From riding in trainers in January to cycling in cleats in March
  • Completed her first overseas cycling trip with Njinga in September



Premier Club Success Stories

Tim & Debbie Richards

  • Premier Club members for 3.5 years
  • Both Tim & Deb have transformed their cycling fitness
  • Tim qualified for UCI GF World Champs for 5 years in a row
  • Deb won her age group at UCI GF World Champs qualifier in Cyprus
  • Tim got a top 10 age group finish at the UCI GF World Champs qualifier in Cyprus
  • Both have become regular yoga and pilates attendees
  • Both now Njinga Ride Captains




Why Go Premier Club?

12 Month Premier Club Unlimited Contract

Unlimited Classes: indoor cycling (wattbike), yoga and pilates

FREE 1-1 Cycle Coach Consultation: to set goals and road map to improvement*

FREE Benchmark Testing: 4 free FTP tests

FREE Coaching Improvement Workshops: monthly development indoor session on various areas to improve your cycling**

FREE Cycle Seminar Tickets: 1 free ticket per seminar / talk covering various topics to improve your cycling

FREE Self Train Sessions: any self train slot on the schedule (over 10 hours a week)

FREE Buddy Class Credits: 2 Njinga Love passes for any class each month***

120% money back guarantee****

FREE Protein Smoothie: to celebrate your birthday

Contract Duration: 12 months

Notice period: 1 month prior to renewal of contract

Community Support: closed facebook group

New Classes: PC members will be notified first

Cycle Tours & Camps: PC members will be notified in advance of launch date

Referral Bonus: recommend a friend to the Premier Club and get a free month or a 1-1 private cycle coaching session


  • *First month of joining only
  • **Workshops include pedal technique coaching, cadence drills, group assisted stretch sessions, etc
  • ***Njinga love credits (buddy class passes) can only be redeemed by the same person twice 
  • *****In your first 8 weeks of joining the Premier Club, if you don’t see any improvements after following all our recommendations, then we will give you a full refund for your first two months plus an extra 20%.

Price: £137pcm

  • Based on 10 classes a month (£13.70 per class)
  • Based on 12 classes a month (£11.42 per class)
  • Based on 14 classes a month (£9.79 per class)

Additional value:

  1. Private coaching session £99pp
  2. FTP Test £39pp x 4 = £156
  3. Group Improvement Workshops £30pp x 12 = £360
  4. Group seminars £5-10pp x 10 = £50-100
  5. Buddy passes £20 x 24 = £480

Total free additional value: over £1,143 (£95 pcm)

Read full terms and conditions on contract before purchase

£137 - BUY NOW

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