Improve your Cycling with Indoor wattbike group classes

Yoga for Cyclists

Perfect pre or post ride stretch session

What is involved & TOP BENEFITS

Cyclists spend long periods of time in a set position, which tightens the hamstrings, the hips and also shortens the hip flexors. The forward bending position also over time creates a rounded spine. This contributes to a tight body with a lack of joint mobility and spine extension. Find out below how Yoga can help cyclists at all levels gain an edge over the competition.

What Does a Class Involve?

  • 60 min class involving exercises on the mat
  • Focus is on strengthening core cycling muscles
  • Wear comfortable clothing 
  • Mat provided


Prices for our Yoga are the same as wattbike and Strength & Conditioning classes.


Top Benefits

  • Yoga can improve your cycling form, efficiency and power
  • Reduce imbalances in the body caused by the repetitive nature of cycling
  • Greater muscular strength
  • Help Injury prevention
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Alleviate muscle tightness
  • Improve flexibilty, focus and concentration
  • Learn to control your breathing
  • Reduced stress levels

To see upcoming classes, select Yoga in class types in our schedule below.

Types of Yoga

Yin Yoga

More calming, restorative postures that will work on deeper, more passive stretches

Yoga for Cyclists

Dynamic elements to develop strength and flexibility in the muscles


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When I come out of Sam's Njinga yoga class, I know I have given myself an enormous gift of strength, flexibility and calmness that not only has helped my cycling, but my sleep and all that I do. Whether downward dog, warrior pose, a pose you never dreamed your body could do or the glorious Shavasana at the end, Sam's unique background as an athlete, cyclist, yogi and teacher come through to make it an extraordinary experience that has become a must in my schedule each week. And its fun!


Monie Lindsey

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