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30 day Lockdown Challenge

This fun challenge has been devised to motivate and improve your health and wellbeing in 30 days, while staying connected within a supportive online community. It's perfect for all abilities, with or without a bike.


As COVID-19 has temporarily forced us to close the heart of our Njinga Community, our Training Lab, we have taken this opportunity to create something positive and uplifting, to distract from all the negativity and panic. It's crucial in times like these to continue to look after our health and wellbeing and with an average of 2 extra hours a day with no commuting, this is the perfect time to get your health back in check and achieve goals you've always wanted to.   

Our Lockdown Challenge is based around the number 30 and devised to help you stay motivated with your fitness and nutrition whilst also creating a community spirit to help those in need. For 30 days we will set daily challenges from 30 minutes of exercise to 30 second challenges or recipes to make in under 30 minutes. Our challenges will ensure you end up happier, healthier and fitter when it's over.

As people are becoming more isolated from each other, our main goal is to try and provide a way to keep everyone connected, motivated and accountable. During this time we will be working towards a common wellbeing goal, supporting you via our closed Facebook group where we will be interacting and motivating you daily.

We challenge you to get as many of your family, friends and colleagues signed up. 

Leigh and Togo

What is the Challenge?

Starting Tuesday 24th March we will be launching the NJINGA 30 DAY LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE and for the following 30 days we will be releasing:

  • Daily fitness challenges to keep you upbeat, active and healthy
  • Regular nutrition support, top tips and delicious recipes
  • Activities and challenges to boost mental strength and resilience
  • Tools and resources to reduce stress and improve sleep 
  • Inspiration and challenges to support the local community
  • And so much more.

We want to finish the 30 days with a new you: refreshed, energised, fitter and leaner. 

All our challenges will be delivered through our closed Facebook page to encourage community support, will be fun and focused on our 3 pillar training philosophy – Train Smart, Fuel Smart and Think Smart.

Daily Challenges











  • Get fitter and stronger

  • Build key core strength

  • Be challenged to try new things
  • Learn to make better food choices
  • Develop new habits to reduce stress
  • Stay motivated and connected within our supportive community
  • Feel more energised
  • Be inspired to do things for others within your community
  • Stay accountable
  • And finally, have an excuse to lock yourself away from the kids each day

Key Details

Type of Challenge: Health & Wellbeing comprising 4 categories: Fitness, Nutrition, Mind & Community

Challenge duration: 30 Days

Launch Date: Tuesday 24th March 2020 (you can start after this date, if you sign up later)

Who can Join: Everyone (we encourage you to get your families, friends and colleagues signed up)

Cost: £30 per person (THAT'S ONLY £1 a day). Under 18’s (under parent supervision) FREE. 

Prizes: Fun prizes throughout the 30 days, whether it's the most exciting exercise video, best photo of a meal or the most inspiring community outreach, so get those creative juices flowing. This challenge is suitable for the whole family!

Charity: The more we raise the more we donate. Read more below.



Charity Donations

We will be donating a % of all revenue to support the amazing nurses, doctors and other staff working the front line within the NHS.

Please encourage your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours to join as the more participants we get the more we will make for charity! 

  • up to 100 participants we’ll donate 1%      
  • 250 participants we’ll donate 2.5%,
  • 500 participants we will donate 5%,       
  • 750 participants 7.5%,
  • 1000 participants or more, 10% 


1. Once you have paid online, request access to our closed Facebook Page to get access to our challenge community and daily updates.

2. Then let's get started!




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