Ali Housley

From a triathlete that struggled out of the water to conquering iconic cycling challenges, full distance triathlons & more. The results have been incredible. Find out how Ali has done it...

Notable Improvements with Njinga

Power to Weight: 3.88w/kg & FTP Score: 225w - Both scores are the 5th highest female scores seen in the Lab

Qualified for UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

Second place in age group in Outlaw triathlon and ninth overall

Rode across the Pyrenees from the east coast to the west coast: 740km with over 11,000m of climbing in just 5 days

A Self confessed Njinga Addict!

There are many reasons why I keep coming back to Njinga. In no particular order:

  • The people - Everyone (the instructors and fellow riders) are so friendly, caring, helpful, encouraging, focused, respectful and generally just great!
  • The atmosphere - Such a buzz as soon as you step into the door of The Lab, cannot help but have a grin on my face
  • Feeling of being part of a family - From the first day at Njinga I’ve felt so welcomed and part of something very, very special
  • Massive sense of achievement after each and every session - Even if I’m tired or just not up for it I always have a sense of gaining something (whether physically or mentally)
  • Addiction - I think I’m an Njinga addict! Really feel a sense of loss if I’m away for any length of time!

How is Njinga different

Njinga is different from any other training as the sessions are so well structured and presented that you know that you’re helping your cycling performance outside of the class rather than a typical spinning class where you’re just turning over pedals to burn calories for no particular reason.

The sessions at Njinga are fun but extremely challenging and they never become boring, even when you’ve heard the same song for the hundredth time!

Njinga has helped me focus on every aspect of my cycling, mainly knowing when and where not to push hard - not to burn all my matches at once.

Training at Njinga

My pedal technique has improved no end (am glad to say that I can consider myself an “Italian Stallion” now). There are still many things I can improve on but every single session helps chip away at these. The main thing I have learnt that has surprised me is how much I can endure both physically and mentally! Although the sessions are so much fun they are very tough but no matter how you think you’re doing, the instructors always seem to get that little bit extra out of you, even if you didn’t think it was there!

I’ve taken part in a few programmes all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed and gained so much from. I have also been away to Mallorca, which has been absolutely incredible, stunning rides, great food, fantastic scenery, amazing company. Without a doubt, I would recommend Njinga and have done so many times. Training at Njinga has helped me achieve results not just with cycling but also with all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from my day-to-day activities, energy levels, fitness, and physique. It has helped me with my other sports. My running has improved tenfold even though I’ve not really concentrated much on my run training!


My biggest achievements

My biggest milestones since coming to Njinga have been recently achieving second place in my age group and ninth overall lady in the Outlaw Full Distance Triathlon, fifth in age group at Leeds Standard Distance Triathlon, London to Paris Cycle in 24 Hours and the Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo World Qualifier.

Without Njinga there would have been no way I would have done any of these. Thank you to all of you!


Ali's journey with Njinga has included:

  • Regular wattbike classes
  • FTP Testing to TrainSmart
  • Multiple 8 Week Group Indoor Training Programmes
  • Weekly rideouts with the Njinga Collective



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