Jerry Collier

What started as joining Njinga to improve fitness turned into finding a community, life long friends and conquering several multi day events. Read Jerry's Story...



FTP Improvement: 31 Watt increase from January 2016 - October 2016

Completed the Njinga Col Climber Test in June 2018 and recorded an average power of 340w and a power to weight score of 3.5w/kg over the 5.5km climb on a wattbike

Completed LEJOG Challenge ride (1000 miles in 10 days) easier and faster in 2018 after training with Njinga, compared to when he first completed LEJOG in 2016

Completed six day stage race at Giro Sardegna in April 2018

Where my journey with Njinga began:

I have always been pretty fit but heading into my fifties, & overweight, I took on a challenge riding from Los Angeles to Miami in November 1995 - this was the experience of a lifetime, but I was seriously under prepared for 13 days of long distance riding! On return to the UK the Njinga lab was recommended to me. In January 2016 I came to Njinga looking for fitness and found community & life long friends.



Why Njinga:

The entire Njinga team have huge expertise & genuine passion for well-being, fitness & cycling. The diversity of the community - from age group world champs riders to novice riders - is quite incredible & regardless of ability everyone works as one team on Collective rides & in the lab.

The encouragement & fun is as important to me as moving my average watts for a 45 min lesson from 210W to 265W. The ability to transfer from inside the lab to outside the lab - from weekend rides to adventures such as Giro de Sardegna - stands Njinga apart.

LEJOG easier with help from Njinga:

Since joining Njinga I have ridden LEJOG twice - once in 2016 and again in 2018 - the route we took on both occasions had some amazing climbs but with the extra power from the lab I was able to conquer them far easier on the second occasion - 4 Njinga riders even surprised me by taking 2 days off work and taking the wind on day 5 for me - incredible, thank you!




Njinga helped me prepare:

I love bike journeys and multi-day cycling - the Njinga lab has improved my technique (why waste energy!) and the Njinga Collective has given me real confidence in group cycling (why waste energy!)

The Njinga Collective is first and foremost a community of wonderful people who happen to love cycling - the Collective has certainly helped me explore other parts of the world and be confident group riding.

Improvements since joining Njinga:

I took my first FTP test on 11 January 2016 and produced 256W, one month later I produced 271W and on a recent Col Climber test I averaged 340W. If you want to improve your power & technique Njinga delivers results.

In 2016 I was even crowned Njinga World Champion.



What's next:

My wife and I cycled through Thailand earlier this year, but I sense North America will draw me back again - I'd love to cycle Alaska or Utah next!



Jerry's journey with Njinga has included:

  • Premier Club Lab Member 
  • Njinga Group Indoor Training Programmes
  • FTP Testing
  • The Njinga Collective (our not for profit cycling club)



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