Scott Berry

Smart, structured training taking an already strong rider to the next level.


FTP (June 2017): 297 watts

Power to Weight: 4.14w/kg

Cape Rouleur (four day stage race): Qualified for Group 1 in the Rouleur and finished in the top quarter

Club Des Cingles Club: 3 ways up Mount Ventoux within 24 hours - 140km and 4300m of climbing

Why Njinga?

I have been cycling for most of my life with BMX, mountain bikes and moved to road cycling in the last ten years. I’d seen the Njinga Lab coming back home from my rides and decided to try out one of their classes in December 2015 to escape the winter. I realised very quickly that this wasn’t just a spinning class. The combination of Wattbikes and power zone specific training made each class as effective as possible.

The power zones enable you to train in line with what you're trying to achieve; i.e. a recovery ride in zone 2 or 3; an endurance ride in sweet spot and zone 4 and 5 for when you need to get used to hard efforts. The Lab classes are great for you to get the feel of what these zones are like which you can then translate onto the road (as I have a power meter). Couple this with a thorough stretching session after each class and one of the protein recovery drinks, it was a complete workout!


Training Programmes at Njinga:

I signed-up for the FTP Booster programme in the January which was great training for the Cape Rouleur (four day stage ride in South Africa) and Cape Argus. Having the structured classes twice a week supplementing my long rides on a weekend meant my pedal technique improved and being able to ride within my training zones made me more disciplined at the events. I didn’t really have a goal for South Africa as it was more to enjoy the rides through areas of the country I grew up in.

Doing the FTP course meant that I was able to qualify for Group 1 in the Rouleur (from a time trial) and also stayed within the top 25% of the riders.

Njinga Ride Captain:

In 2017, I stepped up as a ride captain for the Collective which gave me an opportunity to give back for all the help I have had as a cyclist. The camaraderie of the Collective is infectious and helping others ride up hills around the country and supporting others to break the 100 mile barrier has been incredibly rewarding.



My goal for the year:

My goal for this year was to join the Club des Cinglés which involves climbing Mont Vontoux from the three sides in a day. After a one on one session with Togo and focused rides in my sweet spot, I completed the challenge! I have also been using the weekly yoga class as a way to improve my flexibility and prevent injury. While I still can’t touch my toes, I always feel better for doing the class and able to do some of the movements on my own to maintain my condition.


Scott's journey with Njinga has included:

  • Regular Yoga and wattbike classes 
  • FTP Testing to TrainSmart
  • 8 Week Group Indoor Training Programme
  • Ride Captain for the Njinga Collective



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