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Sports Nutrition Workshop


A successful fitness regime goes beyond turning the pedals. As much as we love to do just that, as qualified nutritional specialists, we are devoted to ensuring that you perform at your best by also addressing your nutritional requirements. Whether new to cycling or competing in a 4 day stage race, our holistic health philosophy plays a vital role in allowing you to achieve peak physical fitness and take your endurance riding to new levels.



Individual Nutrition

Looking for something more tailored?

Our 1-1 comprehensive nutrition programmes can transform the way you fuel your body. We work together to devise nutritional strategies that will make the difference between a silver and gold time finish.

These programmes are bespoke and structured around what you are looking to achieve.

Only contact us if you are ready for a complete overhaul and health transformation.


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I have been a cyclist for years and love it. But since starting at Njinga my body has transformed losing 20kgs, improving my FTP score by over 60 watts and achieving an all time peak power of 1949 watts. My enjoyment, my ability, my fitness and the whole cycling world has transformed through smarter training


Rich Porter

Endurance Rider

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