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Become a better you with the help of Njinga’s passionate nutritional experts. Proven at enhancing the performance and wellbeing of every type of cyclist.

Sports Nutrition Workshop


A successful and sustainable approach to cycling goes far beyond just turning the pedals. Njinga believes in looking at diet and lifestyle in a holistic sense: consistently making smart decisions and adopting the right attitudes and habits. Our qualified nutrition specialists will communicate the principles and tactics behind peak performance, assist in identifying areas for improvement and leave you ready to implement effective changes.



Personal Nutrition

Comprehensive one-to-one nutrition programmes designed to unlock your potential. We work together to craft plans that will take you to another level. Your bespoke programme takes into account your health status, lifestyle and aspirations to ensure the guidance is both precise and practical. Allow us to guide your wellbeing transformation.


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Since starting at Njinga my body has been transformed losing 20kgs, improving my FTP by over 60 watts and achieving an all time peak power of 1949 watts. My enjoyment, my ability, my fitness and my whole cycling world has been transformed. It has made me leaner, faster, happier, more relaxed and less stressed.


Rich Porter

Endurance Rider

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