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Preparing for Ride London

Our TrainSmart philosophy is perfectly designed to prepare every level of rider to complete the iconic Ride London sportive in their fastest ever time or complete it for the first time. Our Njinga training philosophy of TrainSmart + FuelSmart + ThinkSmart = RideSmart has helped novice riders and highly experienced riders achieve their own individual goals for Ride London since 2013 and the 2018 edition is going to be no exception as the Njinga Cycling legacy continues to grow.


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I cannot recommend Njinga enough if you want to improve all aspects of your cycling performance. I have just finished the Ride London programme and during the programme the camaraderie and team spirit of the other riders motivated me through the toughest of sessions as did the encouragement and support of the coaches. The facts speak for themselves. By the end of the programme I produced the ride of a lifetime reducing last year's time of 5 hours 32 minutes to 5 hours 11 minutes. I now have the belief to reduce this time even further and take my cycling into new possibilities!


Lisa Price

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Josh was great at keeping us motivated and disciplined as we pushed through the programme. Being surrounded by a friendly bunch of other cyclists with similar goals was also great for motivation. The final FTP test came around and I had improved my threshold power and sweetspot by over 20 watts. I felt more comfortable holding consistent power and the focus on pedal technique had definitely gained me a few watts. Free power as they say! Doing a programme at Njinga is a super smart and time efficient way of training with a great bunch of people. I highly recommend.


Matt Connelley

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I have just completed my first training programme and I cannot rate it highly enough! I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and my cycling has improved massively. It was a steep learning curve and the sessions were physically very tough, but my power output has increased significantly and I hit a target I thought was way beyond me. The coaching, support and encouragement was top notch. Njinga offer the whole package and for me, it was worth every penny and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any level of cyclist.


Laura Sleightholme

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