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Performance Testing

Here at Njinga we offer a comprehensive testing tool kit to help take your cycling to the next level.


Testing is not only great to track changes in your fitness over time but it also allows you to TrainSmart both indoors and on the road. Our comprehensive testing tool kit will ensure you make every session count.

Key Things You Need to Know

  • Ensure you rest properly 24 hours before all tests
  • 45 min testing slot includes structured warm up
  • You will receive coaching and support during test
  • Full test report included 
  • Bring cleats, water bottle, sweat towel and heart rate monitor (if using).

Top Benefits

  • TrainSmart by working with accurate training zones
  • Keep you focused on your training
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Track your progress
  • Know your current fitness levels

FTP Testing

Measure you current cycling fitness and get accurate power and heart rate training zones.

Col Climber

Find out your true climbing potential with our 5.5km simulation of San Salvador

Sprint Finale

Test your sprinting ability with a combination of tests inspired by the UCI Talent ID system

Max Ramp

Find out your maximal minute power (MMP), an estimated VO2max and how hard you can push

12 Minute Time Trial

Discover your pacing capabilities and how hard you really can push

MOT Assessment

Great starting point to assess every aspect of your cycling


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I enjoyed participating in the Col Climber test and throughly enjoyed the climbing and the challenge of completing the 5.5km. 

The test will be useful for my training going forward as I am keen to improve my climbing and also my power to weight score. 


Monie Lindsey

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I found the Sprint Finale Test extremely interesting. From a rider’s experience, using the Sprint Test is fantastic way for your body to feel and test the reality and how you might perform under “Racey” conditions in that last part of the stage.

How could it not help you!


Ian Brown

img img

I enjoyed the Maximal Ramp Test challenge. It was great to try something different to the FTP test. I really liked the continual build up as I went along and focusing on a number in short stints. As ever with the coaches at Njinga, the motivation provided was fantastic, helping me to keep pushing to my absolute limit. The great thing from doing this test is that I know what I need to push when I sprint at the end of classes as I now have my maximum RAMP output. I’ve tried already and it’s hard, but at least I know what I should be doing and could be doing even when I feel exhausted.

I can’t wait to try the other new tests to understanding my sprinting and climbing capabilities!!


Ali Gilbert

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