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Need someone to push you to go that bit further? Our remote testing will give you a benchmark for your current cycling fitness and calculate accurate training zones to make your training more effective.


We are now offering REMOTE testing options, provided you have access to a trainer or stationery bike that measures power, (or have a power meter on your bike and bike computer), a heart rate monitor and two devices to dial in remotely (ie. a phone and tablet, tablet and PC etc)

Why Should you do the FTP Test?

An FTP test is one of the best and most cost effective tests you can do. We highly recommend it as it allows you to pinpoint your exact power and heart rate training zones so you can make the most of each of your training sessions.

Prior to the test you will have a 10 min call with the coach to discuss how to prepare, what to expect, how to best ride it for accurate results and a test calculator to allow you to calculate your targets for each interval.

At the end of the FTP Test you will receive a number of key performance metrics including power output (watts), cadence (rpm), heart rate (bpm) and speed to calculate your specific training zones. These training zones will be the foundation on which all your training will be based upon in our Wattbike classes and on the road. Whether you are an endurance cyclist, sportive rider, triathlete, or simply a fitness fanatic, these zones will define your training structure in order to derive maximum benefit and see the biggest improvements to your training and on race day!

Don’t panic or be afraid of this test. Embrace it and give it your best and see how it can help you transform your cycling! 



What's involved

This is a test of your current cycling fitness and will calculate your accurate training zones. The protocol will involve:

* Selecting one gear and achieving the highest power output you can over the 20 mins

* Your FTP score for the 20 minute FTP Test is then calculated as 95% of your average power you can hold for the 20 minutes

* The aim of the test is to walk away at the end having given everything. This will ensure we can calculate accurate training zones for you.



What the results show

This results from the test will give you:

* Your FTP Score

* Accurate heart rate and power training zones

* You will also receive a number of key performance metrics which will include; power to weight score, power output, speed, cadence and pedal technique analysis.

With this data you will be able to TrainSmart in all Njinga classes and out on the road to ensure you get the most benefits from every training session. You will also be able to track your performance gains over time.

The FTP Test - Key Details

FTP tests produce slower changes, so you should put them into your training schedule for the start of the new year, the start of the outdoor riding season and then end of the summer.

This test costs £59. We also offer one special discounted test slot each month at £39. A full report will be sent after the test itself.

The test will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. You will go through a structured 14 minute warm up before beginning the 20 minute test.

You will need a towel, a waterbottle and a heart rate monitor if you have one. We also recommend no high intensity exercise the day before.

FTP Testing Packages

REMOTE FTP Test Credit - £59

Includes a 10 min strategy call & FTP Calculator. Contact us if you can't find a time that suits you.

Monthly Discounted Group FTP Test Credit


Group FTP Test + Pacing Workshop



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I can now proudly say that I have a proper pedal technique after years of "stomping", not to mention that fact that my fitness has improved dramatically and in a measurable way thanks to the FTP testing. The Wattbike is a fantastic fitness machine not only in terms of comfort but also the diagnostics so well worth learning how to use it properly.


Ivan Schofield

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Cannot endorse Njinga enough. It was superb. So welcoming to a first time FTP testee. Incredible positive atmosphere, buckets of knowledge and endless roaring support. The FTP hurts but at Njinga it feels awesome and I cant wait for more coaching. Thanks loads


Rich Porter

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