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MOT Assessment

Review every aspect of your current cycling ability

Why Should you do a MOT Assessment?

Through a combination of on and off the bike tests, as well as open discussions about your nutrition and training goals, we can help identify your current strengths and what areas of your training you need to focus on.

The MOT Assessment is available to all levels of cyclists, with plenty to be gained by every rider, no matter what your training goals might be. 

Take the first steps now to improve your cycling performance with our 60 minute MOT Assessment. 



What's involved

The 1-hour assessment will review the following:

* Power Testing

* Pedal Technique Testing

* Range of Motion

* Balance and Core

* Nutrition

* Training Goals and Feedback



What the results show

This results from the test will give you:

* Raw power you can currently achieve

* Strong areas of your current technique and identify areas of weakness

* Identify key muscles to strengthen or improve flexibility 

* Receive FuelSmart tips

With this data we can help set you on the correct training journey to accomplish your goals and take your cycling to the next level.

The MOT Assessment - Key Details

The MOT Assessment is great to put in your training schedule at the beginning of the season and then at the end of the summer to track your progress.

This test costs £99 for the 60 minute assessment and will include a full report after the assessment itself.

The assessment will take 60 minutes to complete.

You will need a towel, a waterbottle and a heart rate monitor if you have one. We also recommend no high intensity exercise the day before for a true assessment of your fitness levels.


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For someone new or relatively new to cycling I think the Njinga MOT assessment is a great way to improve their cycling abilities.  It is absolutely key for anyone who wants to understand their weak points in order to improve.  I’ve learnt there is more to cycling that just pushing down on the pedal!  



Sapna Sekhri

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I signed up for the Rider MOT assessment to understand my base line as a cyclist and as an opportunity for some one to assess how I currently cycle.  As expected it highlighted weaknesses I was unaware of and confirmed others.   Having understood more about my cycling now it has made me want to improve my technique by actively doing something about it rather than just focusing on getting stronger.


Esra Parr

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