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Why Should you do the Maximal RAMP Test?

Want to find out just how hard your body can push and for how long? Identify your 'red line' with our Maximal RAMP Test. 

This test is considered the gold standard of wattbike physiological testing and will take you through incrementally increasing efforts that require control, power and determination. The results from the test will give you your maximal minute power (MMP), an estimated VO2max and show how high your exercise intensity can go.

If you already have your FTP results and are looking to discover how hard you can really push yourself in sprint and anaerobic efforts in the lab or out on the road, this test is you for. Are you ready to take your training to the next level?



What's involved

This is a test of your maximal aerobic power which also gives an estimated VO2max. The protocol will involve:

* Female riders starting at 90 watts and male riders starting at 150 watts

* The average power target will then increase by 15 watts every minute with the increase for males being 20 watts every minute

* The aim of the test is to control your cadence to hold the desired power increments for as long as you can.



What the results show

This results from the test will give you:

* Your Maximal Minute Power (MMP)

* An estimated VO2max

* The results will also show how high your exercise intensity can go, we can identify your ‘red line’.

With this data we can then tell you whether you need to push harder or back off when you are sprinting in class. If you are interested in racing, then this test will also help us identify just how hard you can push when it gets towards to finishing straight

The Njinga Maximal RAMP - Key Details

Ramp tests produce slower changes, so you should put them into your training schedule for the start of the new year, the start of the outdoor riding season and then end of the summer.

This test costs £39 within a group timeslot and £59 for a private session. A full report will be sent out after the test itself.

The test will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. You will go through a structured warm up before beginning the test.

You will need a towel, a waterbottle and a heart rate monitor if you have one. We also recommend no high intensity exercise the day before & have completed an FTP Test previously.


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I enjoyed this challenge and it was great to try something different to the FTP test.

I really liked the continual build up as I went along and focusing on a number in short stints.

As ever with the coaches at Njinga, the motivation provided was fantastic, helping me to keep pushing to my absolute limit.

The great thing from doing this test is that I know what I need to push when I sprint at the end of classes as I now have my maximum RAMP output. I’ve tried already and it’s hard, but at least I know what I should be doing and could be doing even when I feel exhausted.

I can’t wait to try the other new tests to understanding my sprinting and climbing capabilities!!


Ali Gilbert

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