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Njinga Sprint Finale

Evaluate your sprinting abilities.



Why Should you do the Sprint Finale?

Want to know how hard you can push yourself even when your body says no more? Find out how fast you can really go with our Sprint Finale Test.

You will have the opportunity to test your sprinting ability with a combination of tests inspired by the UCI Talent ID system. You will find out your maximum power output, your ability to maintain your power over 30 seconds and your ability to sprint whilst fatigued!

A sprinter or not, this is a great test for anyone to understand their sprinting capabilities and how hard you really can push! This test will provide you with a great benchmark for pacing yourself in our faster paced classes with multiple sprint efforts or pacing your sprint finish at the end of a race/sportive and you never know you may even surprise yourself with your results!



What's involved

A collection of shorter tests that are inspired by the UCI Talent Identification Protocol. You will:

* Conduct two 6 second peak power sprints

* A 30 second power maintenance or ‘fade’ test

* The Njinga Sprint Finale, a simulation of a lead out sprint at the end of a race – your lead out riders will shelter you for three minutes and then you are on your own for the sprint to the finish.



What the results show

This results from the test will give you:

* Your maximum power efforts from static

* Your levels of speed endurance

* Your maximum power output whilst fatigued and with a rolling start.

We can then take this data and tell you how to better adapt your class strategy for any of our faster paced classes with multiple sprint efforts.

The Njinga Sprint Finale - Key Details

We recommend re-testing approximately every 4-8 weeks - Before and after specific training blocks or before and after flat and fast races.

This test costs £39 within a Group timeslot and £59 for a private session. A full report will be sent out after the test itself.

The test will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. You will go through a structured warm up before beginning the test.

You will need a towel, a waterbottle and a heart rate monitor if you have one. We also recommend no high intensity exercise the day before to ensure your legs are fresh.


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I found the Sprint Finale Test extremely interesting.

From a rider’s experience, using the Sprint Test is fantastic way for your body to feel and test the reality and how you might perform under “Racey” conditions in that last part of the stage.

How could it not help you!


Ian Brown

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